The inbetween BC BC for those who didn't do as well as they should on the real BC

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SayraT Mon 06-Apr-15 18:41:54

Ok, some of us (me) didn't do very well on the real actual BC and some others just feel the need to have a little extra push before the next real BC so this is our inbetween BC BC grin

I'll start, I'm currently 222 lb and want to be 217 lb by the start of the real BC (11th May). I will be recording my food daily to keep on track, I am also going to weigh daily.


B: Flax wrap with butter, coffee with cream
L: M&S salad, ff yog
S: S&V peanuts (none left now so I'll have normal nuts or none at all)
D: Cauli-rice with hot smoked salmon

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LexLoofah Mon 06-Apr-15 19:52:24

Well l did OK at a stone off but need to lose two more and BC thread keeps me honest so yep count me in!

b - leftover bbq pork tenderloin, Gouda, dill pickle ( new addiction )
L- jerk chicken & Caesar salad
4 dark choc walnuts (infinitely better than a smarties egg)
D - will be rack of lamb and some assortment of low carb veg

Preminstreltension Mon 06-Apr-15 19:59:06

Oh can I join? I was on a low carb wagon but fell off when I couldn't face yet another smoked fish salad. Have had a week of hot cross buns instead. Can someone recap Ts and Cs?

BabsUnited Mon 06-Apr-15 20:04:43

Can I also join? Spent the weekend reading all of BIWI's documents so I think I understand it but I have a more general question. Once you
Do a low carb diet can you ever eat carbs again without ballooning? I ask because I really want to try this way of eating (especially the two week bootcamp to see how I find it) but I'm going to Italy in five weeks and really don't want to have no spaghetti. Is it worth me low carbing? I won't go mad in Italy but will certainly have a bit of pasta, probably won't have any pizza, and a bit of alcohol. It's only 3 days though...

Romeyroo Mon 06-Apr-15 20:31:28

Can I join as well? I have been stalled for a good month. I am still BCing anyway as I don't want to put on weight.

Babs, I am no expert but different people react differently to carbs, they make me balloon for example so I would go for some of the lovely other food Italy has to offer. That said, a bit of pasta on a three day trip is different to the amount of carbs which most people consume on a day to day basis. But I am no expert

B was sausages and scrambled egg with flaxseeds
L was salad but it had carrot so probably carbier than it should have been
D was yummy - Thai green chicken with mushrooms, broccoli and courgette stir fried.
Feels like I ate a lot, but have lost hungry feeling at least

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Mon 06-Apr-15 20:51:46

Yep, I'm in. I seem to be suffering from carb creep since the end of BC, giving myself permissions because it had finished.
178 today, up 3 on my low of 175. Good choices but loads today but I have definitely set off cravings that had all but gone.

SayraT Mon 06-Apr-15 20:56:56

Yes anyone welcome but I don't have too much time to spend on here, I will just be popping on to update my foods etc.

The rules etc can be found on one of the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet

Babs I am not sure, as romey said everyone is different. I can, for example, tolerate quite a lot of carbs (not a lot compared to a "normal" diet though) without putting weight on. I just stay the same, I don't lose. Others on BC report that one carby meal can cause them to crave more carbs and put on weight.

I would start LCing if I were you and then when you go to Italy you will see what you are like with carbs. Since being on this WOE (started January 2014) I find that certain carbs don't agree with me as much like wheat for example, if I eat it I get stomach pains and feel awful.

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Ninunina Mon 06-Apr-15 21:55:49

Can I join please? I've been doing LCHF for about a month, lost 3kg, but things seem to have stalled now so I need something more. I'm not sure if I ever reached ketosis, so I need a bit of a push. I don't want to wait a month before bootcamp (bikini season is very close). I'm kicking myself for giving into chocolate and almond tart yesterday, my sweet craving is back! sad

PlayNice Mon 06-Apr-15 22:00:17

I'm in! I've been doing BC quietly for 5-6 weeks, and I've lost 1 stone 4, but I'd like to lose another stone smile.

B: scrambled eggs
L: smoked salmon and garlic prawn salad.
D: Mediterranean fish stew with prawns and monkfish, thickened with egg yolks.

S: natural yoghurt.

Ninunina Mon 06-Apr-15 22:05:14

forgot to add my food:
B: scrambled eggs & ½ an avocado
L: chicken leg pieces & cabbage
S: natural yogurt
D: Chicken stuffed with spinach & roasted veg
I also had 3 coffees with full fat milk, I need to cut down don't I?

SayraT Mon 06-Apr-15 22:05:53

Yes of course ninunina and wow, well done playnice 1 stone 4 in 6 weeks is incredible!

Just updating my snacks, I was really hungry.

S: 3 babybel "crisps" and 2 squares of lime intense chocolate (10g carbs)

I will stop the chocolate.

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camper101 Mon 06-Apr-15 22:11:37

Signing in

Super8 Mon 06-Apr-15 22:18:19

gosh, can i join too? i lost 3 stone over last years bootcamps...managed to keep it off but want to crack on with the rest now. new target is 1stone by august. so now is a good time for me to get back on it. not sure i've ever really said thanks to sara and biwi for all there help so far. so thank you both. also stunt nun, another lady who is very generous with her experience and knowledge.

Super8 Mon 06-Apr-15 22:25:34

oups, that was thank you to SayraT, not sara....

PlayNice Mon 06-Apr-15 22:31:11

Thank you, @SayraT smile. Part of it was just Christmas/a January holiday to Bali weight that was waiting to drop off.

PlayNice Mon 06-Apr-15 22:47:54

I'm watching the BBC 2 series 'Back in Time for Dinner' which takes a family decade by decade through the national eating habits, and it's really interesting from a LCHF point of view.

It's fascinating to see the fat being replaced with convenience products, loaded with sugar. Not to mention the start of advertising sugary breakfast cereal to children, which started to move people away from bacon, eggs, whole grain bread and lard.

You also see things like women going to work en masse for the first time in the late 1960s leading to more sugary snacks being in the house as children/husbands might have to fend for themselves until the wife got back from work and made dinner.

Equally, in the 1970s, women were expected to do it all: work AND be the perfect housewife. This led to an increase in cheat/convenience foods, which again were higher in sugar and lower in natural fibre.

Anyway, after reading the science, I found it quite interesting to see how society may have led people away from a more meat, fat and veg based diet, towards the typical diet we see today.

trashcanjunkie Mon 06-Apr-15 23:36:14

Hiya folks, well done lovely Sayra for starting the "I can't believe it's not bc bc thread"

I was meant to start today, but as you may be aware, things happened, so, tomorrow I'll do food and exercise diaries. I'm not sure what my target is.... Will have a good old think, but I'm going to Dorset on April the 24th for my db's 40th, and I want to look as good as possible cos my 'd'sil is a bit of a snidey cow, so must out beautify her......

I will probs suffer terrible carb flu over the next few days, so apologise in advance to anybody who hates swearing, as I tend to let rip a bit on here to vent steam.

Now, ninunina if you're on your fourth week, it's normal to stay the same. Have you swotted up on the rules? I think Sayra posted a link. It's mentioned in there.... Can happen between week three and five, and is not to be worried about so long as you're following the rules.....

As to the Italian question, I'd say start now, see how it goes, come off the wagon for the holidays, and see how that goes. I try and treat it all like I'm a scientist doing experiments grin that way I don't want to kill myself over a gain or a stall.....

Ok see you guys in the morning

camper101 Tue 07-Apr-15 00:20:07

I haven't been too carby with my food - although I have had an Easter egg. Work buys us one every year. We get to choose the one we want from the selection that they buy, so mine was a Green & Black's dark chocolate one.

I was out on Saturday and went for a Thai meal.

This evening was out for an Indian, but also not too bad. Definitely no rice, poppadum or naan bread.

But a lot of alcohol.

I'm starting next week with low/no dairy as well as - natch - no alcohol.

DarkEvilMoon Tue 07-Apr-15 01:53:43

Can i come join you on the inbetween bootcamp bootcamp. I had a shocking end to bootcamp and fallen back into the habbit of skipping meals. Sugar has crept back big style chocolate and potatoes that have crept back have triggered a bit of a flare I need keeping on the straight and narrow and someone with a big stick to remind me to eat veg

LexLoofah Tue 07-Apr-15 02:47:03

ninunina try cream in your coffee instead of milk as lot less carbs, I only have one cup of tea a day usually as otherwise milky carbs really add up so worth making the switch. DH is loving cream coffee instead of cappuccinos as can actually taste the coffee !

Romeyroo Tue 07-Apr-15 06:33:11

YY at what trash says, this is a new WOE for many of us, so it is a case of working out what your body responds best to.

I'm a bit sad at the BBC programme implication that bad food/weight management is down to working mothers not feeding their children properly (not at you saying what the programme said PlayNice) - but women have always been held responsible for the diets of their family, whether it be nutrition or malnutrition, even in the 1950s, when female domesticity was pushed. If you look at the way in which the health education message has changed since the end of WW2, it gives you a more nuanced picture of why dietary habits have changed.

My mum was Paleo before there was such a thing, but I was brought up (socially and in food marketing) on the low fat, high carb message, which is what was peddled from at least the 1970s. If you start reading the ingredients on things, low fat yogurt (marketed as healthy and packed in many a lunch box) has more sugar than a bag of chocolate buttons.

I got a low carb cookbook and there is a doctor quoted at the start who says basically, that with the five a day message, if you eat five pieces of fruit a day, you will put on weight because of the sugar - the majority needs to be veg.

SayraT Tue 07-Apr-15 08:17:16

Well, we seem to have more than I thought. There are some name I don't recognise so welsome to camper and super8....DarkEvilMoon I think I spotted you at the very end of BC but I am afraid I am not sure who you are.

So for anyone who hasn't done BC before here are the rules Please don't add yourself to the spreadsheet, I am trying very hard to get the final chapter of my thesis written and I don't have time to check/fix the spreadsheet.

If anyone new has questions please ask, hopefully someone can answer but remember this is not the proper BC and it is mostly continuing BCer that all know what they are doing.

I'll quickly post BIWIs famous warning for weeks 3-5 since she isn't here yet.

It is absolutely normal, and expected, to stall in these weeks. Just continue with your HFLC eating and plenty of water and the weight will come off. Not everyone loses 1 lb per week, some don't lose for weeks then lose 3 lbs at once.

Here is my flax toast with butter and 'jam' it works out at 6g carbs with the jam and 1g carbs without. With jam too carby for everyday but I just wanted to try it.

The jam is just frozen berries defrosted and squished with a fork, no added sugar or sweetener.

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BeyondDoesBootcamp Tue 07-Apr-15 09:03:54

Checking in, hi y'all! smile

Not sure what my actual weight is atm, totm is possibly due and weight has gone up 4lbs. So, if that is just totm water-weight, would be cheating a bit to have it as my aim grin if not well, meh. Either way, will aim for about 1lb a week as i've done for bootcamp. So either start the next one at the same weight i nearly finished this one, bar one crap week hmm or even lighter

Will keep rather obsessively tracking my food in my own thread, so i can look back at it easily

Gcalgske Tue 07-Apr-15 09:11:33

Hello! I'm still here. Fell off of BC face first into a dairy milk Easter egg and cursing myself now. Back on it.

Fatstacks Tue 07-Apr-15 09:29:48

Morning pals grin

Thanks Sayra for the timely post bc bc for pre bcers. smile

Had a weekend in Amsterdam.
Started okish but went rapidly downhill coffee shops to relive my youf and then the munchies blush culminating in massive sweet waffles with nuttella on three days, evil frites with special sauce on two and a lost afternoon in Fibo.

A well deserved 5lb on shock

B. Coffee cream. Boiled egg.
L. Salad.
D. Chicken Swede and mushroom.

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