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Next Low Carb Bootcamp starts 11 May

(112 Posts)
BIWI Fri 27-Mar-15 22:37:06

It's probably too early for a sign-up thread, but just wanted to put it out there grin

StuntNun Sun 29-Mar-15 10:39:37

Me me me!

Hangonaminutewillyou Sun 29-Mar-15 11:24:41

I'd like to join in too please! I'm going to do my best between now and then to get back on the low carb wagon (fell off the wagon just before Christmas and now dealing with a major sugar addiction relapse!). Do we just need to watch this thread, BIWI? I'm not used to using Mumsnet Talk so don't want to miss the start...

BIWI Sun 29-Mar-15 12:07:15

Of course you can join, Hangon! Don't worry about missing it - I'll post a proper sign-up thread around the end of April/beginning of May.

I also need to check with Sayra that she's happy to do the spreadsheet again, because I forgot to do that before starting this thread blush

SayraT Sun 29-Mar-15 13:29:32

I am grin and fingers crossed I'll have more time to organise it properly than I did this BC.

SayraT Sun 29-Mar-15 13:31:11

I also hope that in the May BC I can get myself in gear and focus on it properly. I haven't really done very well this BC and have just stayed around the same weight which is about 7lbs higher than I finished the before Christmas BC blush

BIWI Sun 29-Mar-15 14:44:16

Phew! Thanks very much Sayra star flowers

TwoflowersLuggage Sun 29-Mar-15 19:31:39

I'm in! Roll on May...

I feel very ashamed of myself as I fell off the wagon this time at around week 4 - and I've carried on running in the opposite direction ever since!

I'm hoping there will be an in-between thread so that I can try to get myself back in the Bootcamp frame of mind. I feel so much better eating this way, I just need to get my head back in to it.

Thanks BIWI, Sayra & Co for all your hard work, both on Bootcamp and in between.

SayraT Sun 29-Mar-15 20:03:07

twoflowers don't be ashamed. Just dust yourself off and get back on the wagon. We are just in the last week of the current BC but we will be having an ongoing thread before the next BC. Come and join us on that, don't wait until the May BC.

As I said above I didn't do well on this BC but intend to start now in getting back on track so come and join me smile

Hangonaminutewillyou Sun 29-Mar-15 21:58:59

Great! I have been feeling rubbish since I stopped eating low carb & put on a fair bit of weight hmm I don't understand why it's so hard to stick to something that makes you feel so good! I'm hoping that the BC can give me the extra bit of support to get back into it. I managed to do it on my own before with just my Dr Briffa book! Anyway, thanks for the reply BIWI. I'm excited about getting started!

TwoflowersLuggage Sun 29-Mar-15 22:56:58

Thank you Sayra. I know it works as I lost over a stone on the Bootcamp before Xmas, I just need to get my head on straight and keep up with reading the chat threads as I find that really helps me.

See you on the other thread smile

Romeyroo Mon 30-Mar-15 07:43:32

Noted 11 May, thank you ladies flowers

ClashCityRocker Mon 30-Mar-15 07:50:23

Signing up!

LC-ing went on the back burner for me after fils death early on in the last bootcamp and haven't been able to hit my stride again. Will probably start a couple of weeks early then stay on strict bc for the first fortnight.

outtolunchagain Mon 30-Mar-15 08:25:42

Also signing up , stepfathers death during the last one completely threw me off but keen to get going again

Fatstacks Mon 30-Mar-15 08:33:40

I'm in.
Although I will be trying really really hard until then grin

Paleoish Mon 30-Mar-15 10:19:46

I'm in too - I did the pre-Xmas bootcamp and have lost a bit more since them by doing a January Whole30 which was great. However, even though I'm maintaining my loss, I see sugar creeping back into my diet in the form of dates and 85% choc, so I think the focus of a BC is just what I need. I've had amazing results this far - a bit more and I'll have my best body ever shock.

Ninunina Mon 30-Mar-15 20:32:16

I'd love to join! can I find the "rules" somewhere?

BIWI Mon 30-Mar-15 23:17:43

Ninunina - if you look at the spreadsheet you'll find the rules on one of the tabs at the bottom.

Gibble1 Mon 30-Mar-15 23:29:45

I am going for this one too. I shall have a read around smile

LexLoofah Tue 31-Mar-15 15:05:32

yep will be BCing inbetween with the odd spot of BC Lite, feel like this is our new normal and how we eat now and by god do we eat! the most magnificient flavourful food, mmmmm

<ponders changing name to LowCarbLex>

itfcbabe Wed 01-Apr-15 00:33:00

Can i join please? Starting a low carb high protein diet 7th April but would be good to have this as well to push me along. Got alot to lose, 1st target is 5 stone by Christmas.x

SayraT Wed 01-Apr-15 07:09:56

Yes of course you can, but BC is a low carb high fat diet. You can read more about it in the links on the spreadsheet which biwi posted above. Look at the tabs along the bottom.

I've also got about 5 stone to lose but I'm happy to take a couple of years to lose it. Last year we had two lcers who each lost about 5-6 stone over the year so it can be done smile

Notagainmun Wed 01-Apr-15 16:09:32

I'm in after losing just over a stone on the New Year Boot Camp. I will have to start on the second week as I will be on holiday that week. I am going to continue this WOE and hope to lose a bit more for my hols and then get back to it on May 18th.

Ninunina Thu 02-Apr-15 21:54:04

Thanks for the link BIWI, it's really helped me figure out why my weight sort of plateaued. I've been doing LCHF for about a month and lost 3kg, so not bad, but it seemed to stall for a few weeks. I'm going to try stick to the rules till boot camp starts, but I may need to give myself a day off on Easter Sunday and my daughter's birthday next Friday. I have 12kg to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

toffeeboffin Sat 04-Apr-15 17:45:03

Hi everyone,

I'm in. Been reading the bootcamp threads for a while, gained lots of inspiration for a lower carb way of life. Managed to lose all my baby weight and more by just reducing crap carbs, but since I've gone back to work too many cakes, wine and rubbish has sneaked back in so I'm ready for some boot camping!

Will weight myself on Monday and check back in. Reckon I'm around 145, want to lose ten pounds. I'm 5'5.

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