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Dairy Free Low carb

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mootime Sun 04-Jan-15 14:15:30

Has anyone done bootcamp dairy free? DSL has a milk allergy and I'm still feeding him twice a day so I can't take any dairy until I manage to wean him . Does anyone have any hints or good recipe s?

FelixFelix Mon 05-Jan-15 10:18:14

It may be worth looking up some paleo recipes if you're looking for ideas, as I believe they are dairy free. You can adjust ingredients to make them lower carb smile

Hopefully someone else will have some advice too!

Gcalgske Sat 14-Feb-15 00:58:08

I'm an old hand at low carb and dd is CMPA so I cook lots of stuff for us both in a paleo way, without dairy. Coconut milk is your friend. X

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