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am i eating enough??

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Mrsstevejones Wed 03-Dec-14 13:14:04

Hi, i did bootcamp in the summer and lost 1.5 stone - yay!! Then i fell off the wagon and- put quite a bit back on! Still 1 stone down from start weight.

Can any low carb experts out there review my choices and give me the benefit of your experience? Please.

Started again a couple of weeks ago and not lost a pound, i know it comes off in lumps but i am wondering if i am eating enough?

Breakfast bpc - made with 25g butter, 1 dessert spoon of mct oil

Lunch - green smoothie - spinach, half an avocado, unsweetened almond milk and 2 tsps of coconut cream

Dinner - Fatty meat - belly pork slices, chicken wings etc with green veg and swede mash or salad with oily dressing and mayo. I dont really eat pudding but if i do its lidl full fat yog with cream.

Occasional snack of pepperoni and cheese or ricotta and spinach bites.

I walk a couple of miles most day with really heavy double buggy up a huge hill and swim (very slowly) 3 times a week.

Loads of water 2-3l and a couple of coffees with lactofree milk.

I have five stone to loose and am only just squeezing into a size 18, was hoping to be a bit slimmer by xmas - help.

This woe really suits me, no ibs, less joint pain, no sugar cravings, no thrush and tummy is def flatter although still huge! I will stick with it but if any tweaks can help me get back on the downwards trend i would be happy.

Thanks in advance

pootlebug Wed 03-Dec-14 13:44:47

I would be hungry on that. Your breakfast and lunch in particular look very light. For lunch I would eat a whole avocado + greens + oil based dressing + protein + tea 2 tbsp coconut cream, for instance. You only really have protein at dinner - and whilst it is good not to overdo the protein on this WOE I suspect having more earlier would be more sustainable long-term.

Mrsstevejones Thu 04-Dec-14 10:50:42

Thanks pootlebug, i guess i will try and add protein at lunch. Green smoothies are handy as i have two kids under 3 so not a lot of time to sit down to a proper meal. The green smoothies enable me to eat avocado ( and coconut cream) - which i couldnt do otherwise and i can only stomach so much spinach as i have salads a couple of times a week for dinner.

Perhaps i need to vary my veg in my evening meals so i dont mind salads and meat at lunch? Last time i stuck to bootcamp solely and fasted on a monday and thursday -with a vitamin pill and 2 bpc to get my 500kcals a day - i felt amazing.

Any suggestions for evening veg? I do swede mash, cauli mash, roasted cauli with parmesan and garlic, cauli and broccoli cheese, stir fried kale with garlic, and courgette parmigana. I do lots of rocket or spinach salads with lidl cheese coleslaw. Luckily i love green veg.

I do try to keep my caffeine and dairy down as i know it stalls some people hence the almond milk.

I did used to make curried cauli soup with coriander pesto ( amazing) and enrich it with coconut cream and now the weather has turned i might try that again - i even made my own chicken stock so maybe thats some protein there?

I didnt loose any weight between pregnancies and had gestational diabetes and i really dont want to develop diabetes as its an evil condition. I guess i will just keep on keeping on and hope something starts to kick in soon.

I am just massive and its xmas and after spending 2 xmases pregnant i just wanted to feel nice and wear something less tent like! woe is me lol

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Mrsstevejones Thu 04-Dec-14 10:59:08

ps i am not hungry even just having a green smoothie for lunch but then i do have my dinner at 5.30pm with the kids.

Just dont understand why it worked so amazingly last time and this time not so much yet.

BIWI Mon 08-Dec-14 20:52:14

You're not eating enough! You need to be eating something for breakfast and definitely eating lunch.

Mrsstevejones Tue 09-Dec-14 13:02:56

Oh great news, i will add a little something to breakfast and lunch and see if that kick starts things. Thanks for the advice

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