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Week 8 - Pre-Christmas Low Carb Bootcamp - it's the final countdown!

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BIWI Mon 17-Nov-14 07:28:33

Morning campers!

Come and tell all on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

or if you prefer, on the Weight Tracker

My last few days before I go on holiday, so I'm making them extra specially good.

Hope you all have a good week flowers

BIWI Mon 17-Nov-14 07:39:53

polealltheway I'm off to work now, but will come back later and answer your posts!

ClashCityRocker Mon 17-Nov-14 07:46:22

Morning all! Sts but had a slip at the weekend so I'm happy with that. Will update spreadsheet later.

Going to have to get sorted at the weekends, I do so well during the week then always slip up at weekends, grr.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 17-Nov-14 07:53:20

I'm so excited for your hols and Im not even going! And it's such a miserable wet day, that must make the prospect of it even sweeter?!!

Checking in, weighing as always tomorrow, hope everyone has a good day.

PseudoBadger Mon 17-Nov-14 07:58:26

Right. That's it. I've found the last few weeks tough, being back at work and close to goal. No more messing, back to BC (not light) for these last weeks.
Hello all!

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 17-Nov-14 08:26:07

good morning all

cracked it, sudden 2lb loss 'mini whoosh' means that I've had some movement at last. smile

Good idea Pseudo hope you don't mind if I jump on the bandwagon?

MoJangled Mon 17-Nov-14 08:31:13

Maybe shaved half a pound of but can't really trust that it's not just normal variation, so mentally STS. Grrr.

Fat boosting all the way this week. Shredded this morning. Bullet Resistant Coffee (not really Bullet Proof as i can't handle the coconut oil but dollops of butter and cream). Will see if I can go through lunch.

Ready, Best ?

Bring. It. On.

rybka13 Mon 17-Nov-14 08:32:37

Morning. 0.4 lbs is not impressive...but it is that time of month plus my daily routine went pear shape yesterday (visitors) so ended having workout at 8:30 pm, then two pints of water and dinner. I should say excuses, excuses but i am really good all that weeks,on nearly harsh boorcamp but added nuts, had only 10 squares of 81% choc since we started. Anyway loss is loss, why am I moaning again?

BigSpottyCupofTea Mon 17-Nov-14 08:51:17

Think I've STS but have had a stressful work week and turned to the red wine a fair bit. Which isn't helping anything really!! Off to go back and look for BIWIs link about impact of alcohol on weight loss. Also off to look for another job I think.

YoureMyWifeNowDave Mon 17-Nov-14 08:53:37

hmm I've managed to put 2lbs on this week hmm

I don't think that I've had any slip ups so I'm blaming the drugs grin will try and be extra strict this week and see what happens - if I STS or put on again its definitely the meds

MrsHerculePoirot Mon 17-Nov-14 10:02:29

Well done losers! Another 1 lb down here. I am joining pseudo and pisses on a strict last three weeks...

BIWI Mon 17-Nov-14 10:03:48

Illness and drugs definitely impact on weight loss, along with stress and poor sleep patterns.

SayraT Mon 17-Nov-14 10:23:42

Just signing in so that this appears on "I'm on".

Having a mad dash around trying to see if there is anything I need for Brazil trip and I can't find my kindle sad I did find my camera though.

MrsKoala Mon 17-Nov-14 10:33:24

Hi all. Finally lost 0.5 of an inch from my hips. So measuring W - 33" Hip - 42.5". That's 2" off waist, 1" off thigh and half inch off my hips in 4wks. smile

rybka13 Mon 17-Nov-14 10:51:35

Poor sleep pattern...what sleep?? Explains a lot. 9 lbs during bc is a miracle then. No more complaining.

Rollergirl1 Mon 17-Nov-14 10:52:54

M&S do these pork crackling straws in their christmas party food range. They have done them the past couple of years. I am pretty sure I remember checking the carb content in previous years and it was very low providing you didn't use the Apple sauce that they came with. They have changed them slightly this year and they now come with a clementine and cranberry dip (which I don't go anywhere near for obvious reasons). However the carb content is listed 20.3g per 100g and 2.4g per straw with the dip. I have checked the ingredients and it appears that the straws are just pork rind, much like Pork scratchings. So do you think they should be okay to eat on their own without the dip?

I absolutely love them as a snack and would be gutted if I couldn't have them anymore!

MrsKoala Mon 17-Nov-14 10:56:13

Yep - poor sleep pattern, check! i got about 2hrs of broken sleep last night. Bfing a guzzling 10wk old and my 2yo was up watching thomas from 3.30am to 5.55am. All i wanted, while trying not to cry, was bread and apricot jam, but i resisted and i feel better for doing so. Very tired today tho. Everything is so much harder when tired.

PseudoBadger Mon 17-Nov-14 10:59:44

Let's go Pisses and Mrs! Hey, in a poet and I don't know it grin

PseudoBadger Mon 17-Nov-14 11:00:10

*I'm blush

GuyMartinsSideburns Mon 17-Nov-14 11:20:18

Morning all smile

Im staying the same again at 124lbs but its to be expected as I haven't been strict at all. I think at the moment Im happy to stay where I am, my heart isn't in it at the moment and we haven't been able to shop for it this week. I'll do my best but not worry, and maybe try and be super strict for the last bit. Im still running as and when I can so think that's helping to keep me stable with the odd slip-up food-wise.

Have a good day all.

Username12345 Mon 17-Nov-14 11:43:04

I lost 3 lbs. Congrats to all losers. Stay strong everyone it's the final stretch.

Is the spreadsheet converter not working?
It always shows 149.6lb as the result.

Also, since no one answered my question on the question thread I'll ask it here.

If you fall off the BC wagon for a day. Does it put you back to square one wrt ketosis?

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 17-Nov-14 12:15:29

Username12345 - it depends on how badly you fall. Is this a planned excursion or something thats happened ?

prettybird Mon 17-Nov-14 12:35:15

1lb off - not too bad after a weekend away at a Coffee 'n' Cakes MN Meetup at the V&A and then a pasta meal last night at my dad's, with apple crumble for dessert.hmm

I was VERY good the rest of the time! grin

Tenementfunster Mon 17-Nov-14 12:49:50

Hello all
Re coconut oil. Have bought a jar. Can I just fry up my veggies in it tonight? Smells very cocunutty which is not a bad thing, but how much do I need?

If I don't like it, it'll be an ideal lip balm by the looks of it!

CharlieSierra Mon 17-Nov-14 13:01:01

I kept my head down last week due to feelings of general grumpiness and negativity, it looked like i'd gained and can confirm this morning on weigh in that I am up 1lb. I can't help feeling mightily pissed about it since I have stuck to the straight and narrow, however I have had a big stress at work thing going on and I have not been sleeping well, my ongoing autoimmune condition is flaring for the first time since I started eating Primal earlier this year and I have been feeling absolutely horrible one way and another. In the circs I'm proud for sticking to my commitment, it would have been easy to eat something comforting whilst I have been in almost constant pain, and I'm thinking the weight gain could have something to do with how I am and the drugs, lack of sleep etc.

So well done losers and here's to the last 3 weeks.

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