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ali23 Wed 12-Nov-14 13:37:19

Was going to do carrots in honey but this seems a bit outrageous for LC. Any exciting ways to do them?

SayraT Thu 13-Nov-14 09:09:27

I think that carrots are too high in carbs for BC anyway, there is a list of veg carb counts here. They are 6g carbs per 100g and on BC we aim to stay at below 3g carbs per 100g.

In honey is definitely outrageous! grin

StuntNun Thu 13-Nov-14 09:28:12

My mum cooks them in stock instead of water because she doesn't like carrots. It's quite nice.

miffy49 Thu 13-Nov-14 12:20:52

I cook them in stock too. Enough water to cover, a chicken stock cube and a dab of butter. Cook them down until it forms a glaze.

SayraT Thu 13-Nov-14 12:33:03

So are carrots not too carby then? I love raw carrot, hate them cooked, but haven't been eating them as thought they were too high in carbs.

StuntNun Thu 13-Nov-14 12:39:08

Too carby for Bootcamp Sayra so I don't eat lots, more of an occasional treat.

miffy49 Thu 13-Nov-14 16:50:48

Not my favourite veg and can be a bit high in oxalate for me so I just cook them for other people. smile

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