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Week 7 - Pre-Christmas Low Carb Bootcamp - the last 3 weeks!

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BIWI Mon 10-Nov-14 07:22:31


The Spreadsheet of Fabulousness is here along with The Weight Tracker

Here's to another good week.

Four weeks left, including this one, so chance to lose up to half a stone if you're really focused!

I'm glad to see that we're all thinking about Christmas and how we're going to deal with it. My own personal problem is that I find it too easy to let things slide - well, I've already had that, so I may as well have this as well - and before I know it, I've scarfed chocolates and eaten a sandwich and start to eye up the pasta as well ...

Other people are much easier to deal with than yourself! grin

Anyway, I have one social event this week to negotiate, but other than that all should be manageable.

Hope you all have a good and successful week flowers

BIWI Mon 10-Nov-14 07:27:41

Bitchy I make meat balls without any flour and they work perfectly well.

In fact, I'm making them tonight! This is what I do:

Throw in 4 shallots, 2-4 cloves of garlic (depending on taste), a chilli (if you like) and a red or green pepper into a food processor and blitz. When it's all finely chopped, add 500g beef mince (the fattier the better - if you've only got lean mince, add a glug of olive oil) and season well. (You need more salt than you think you do so add a bit more than you would usually).

Blitz again, and then leave the mixture to rest for about half an hour - this is to let the flavours develop.

Then make it into meatballs, probably the size of a large walnut or a small pingpong ball and put into a roasting tin. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes, turning once half way through the cooking, until they're nice and browned.

Then I make a garlicky tomato sauce to pour over them.

Tanukisan Mon 10-Nov-14 07:47:24

Hi BIWI and thanks for the new thread! I am down 1.6lbs this week, and I'm mostly pleased with that. Only mostly because part way through the week I am consistently weighing about 1lb less than I do on Mondays. Odd! Perhaps my eating patterns vary more widely between work and home than I think? I am at home every fri, sat, sun.

I am slooooowly and grudgingly coming to the conclusion that dairy is probably maybe possibly not really my friend... But as one of life's terminally disorganised folk, I'm not sure I'm organised enough for this woe without quick dairy snacks!

There's also a teensy bit of me that feels my rate of loss is unfair as I'm no longer scarfing a family pack of maltesers each night. That's even though I have read and digested (arf) previous comment from you and stunt nun about how quickly it's possible to lose fat and how this is perfectly normal.

ChesterDrawers Mon 10-Nov-14 07:49:08

Morning BIWI, those meatballs sound lovely, I think I'll pop them on the list for later this week.

Official WI this week puts me at 10st 13.8, so a loss of 0.8lb. I'm a bit disappointed as my all time low this week was 10 11.8, but AF is due on Wednesday, I have boobs like watermelons and I ate a packet of pork scratchings at 8pm last night. Plus not enough water over the weekend. Body fat is also going down - was 40% at the start of BC and is now 37.3.

I've just found out I have a potential bikini situation in nine weeks time - if that's not enough to keep me on the straight and narrow over Christmas, I don't know what is! Would love another stone off by then, although if I'm wishing for shit, I'll take two grin

Difficult week ahead as it's DS's birthday which means cake baking and general carby shit aplenty. I am willpower wont abandon me face down in a tub of buttercream.

ClashCityRocker Mon 10-Nov-14 07:52:25

Another 1lb bites the dust!

There was a slight slip-up during the week - in a situation where a relative stranger cooked a meal for me, it was very nice of her but I didn't feel comfortable turning it down so chuffed to lose.

Have a good, clear week this week so hoping to keep the scales going in the right direction.

Also, I'm back within the normal range Bmi! Which is exciting as I haven't been for around ten years. But this is the longest I've sustained any WOE, and it's starting to feel just natural now.

Also, would love to hear your coping strategies for christmas.

So far, mine is:

1. Not buy all the food crap that I normally do - I'm the only one who eats it anyway.
2. Xmas day lunch will be a serve yourself affair, so I'm going to stock up on the 'good veggies' and ignore the roast tatties mil makes shit roast tatties anyway compared to mine
3. Vodka and tonic for those occasions when i drink. Eating well before hand on good low carb food so I don't slip up when tiddly.
4. Lots of low carb snacks ready to go and grab.

We have the firms christmas do to get through, too...

PseudoBadger Mon 10-Nov-14 08:07:10

Hello all. I'm afraid I need some support. I have an issue with now being at an ok weight, where people are telling me I look great, "you don't need to lose more" etc. However I'd like to lose at least 1/2 to 1 stone more. But I'm finding it hard to motivate myself. I've just come through a tough week with starting back at work properly with non-sleeping DCs, a job interview, reorganisations at work etc. I haven't fallen completely off the wagon but haven't been saintly sad
I think I need to cut portions and maybe dairy. I guess I'm asking for a kick up the arse please BIWI?

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 10-Nov-14 08:21:30

Tis a funny thing when folk start telling you how to feel about your weight isn't it? Always irritated me somehow. Sounds like you are having a tough time Badger - hugs from me x

I have no idea why because I'm up weight wise, so arsebuckets to that. But I keep on, keeping on.

Fabulous to be back in the healthy range clash - brilliant, you star. I need to think about Christmas, for sure.

And Chester - love the idea of wishing for shit grin

BeyondPreparedForHell Mon 10-Nov-14 08:29:07

Have lost 0.5" off my bum since thursday when i measured and here is my graph so far smile

Pleaseandthankyou Mon 10-Nov-14 08:35:08

A few weeks ago I was on holiday and put on 7pounds. By Saturday morning I had lost 8 and I could really see it. After a less than perfect weekend I have put on 5pounds!! Back to strict bootcamp this week and hopefully it will come off again.

aNoteToFollowSo Mon 10-Nov-14 08:45:03

Racing on to record a 2.3lb loss. Thrilled. Will come back to read all the posts and to pontificate about my week after my meeting.

Till then Campers.

SayraT Mon 10-Nov-14 09:00:56

Morning everyone grin

Had a quick rush out of the door this morning at early o'clock as OH had got a flat tyre on his way to work. He didn't have a thingy (ratchet?) to undo his wheel nuts so I had to take mine, poor soul, it will now take him over 2 hours to get to work.

This weekend I had a fabulous time with my friend. She didn't notice the lack of carbs in any meals grin Weighing in today at 4lbs heavier than Friday gives me an idea of what Christmas might be like if I am not careful.

I don't think I went too overboard (except with wine but I don't often drink TBH) on the carbs, some sweeties and nachos one lunch but it highlights how little can cause an increase. Back on it today with a BAB for breakfast and then taco bake leftovers for lunch and fingers crossed for a LC dinner (away with work tonight).

CharlieSierra Mon 10-Nov-14 09:27:16

Good morning everyone.

It's been slow again this week, only 1lb down but that does mean I have lost just over the stone in 6 weeks, which is fantastic. I'm struggling with sweet cravings, I haven't given in but it has been hard going at times and I have been feeling quite fed up sad

MrsHerculePoirot Mon 10-Nov-14 09:28:55

Marking place! Beyond what app is that you are losing, I like the look of it...

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 10-Nov-14 10:01:38

Good morning all,
Im a bit limpy this morning as I've done something to my foot, but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. And its about time I had a rest, so I'm going to put off my race until the new year and just keep on keeping on.

Good losses all and well done on getting back into 'normal' range Clash, I'm down a bit more but at this stage nothings going anywhere fast.
I also need to give dairy a swerve for a while oh how I love cheese

PseudoBadger How you feel about your loss is what counts and the goals you set yourself, just use peoples comments to reinforce what your striving for. If its a focus thing then try adding in another goal like exercise and make this WOE secondary to it. And dump the dairy for a week and see what it does for you?

Username12345 Mon 10-Nov-14 10:19:12

Didn't think I'd have lost anything this week. Have family over and haven't had the water I should have and haven't exercised. Been feeling weighty. Was actually worried I might have gained.

Lost 2lbs. Finally below the 200 lb mark! So happy grin

Congrats losers.

prettybird Mon 10-Nov-14 10:22:35

Yaaayy - 3lb off and I am back into 3 digits (10stone 9lb) smile That's over a stone since we started. smile

Bitchy - I make meatballs without breadcrumbs: finely chopped shallots and garlic, 800g of "ordinary" mince from Lidl (so much cheaper than the steak mince grin), pepper and lots of salt, a pile of finely grated parmesan, some oregano and a generous glug or two of olive oil. Squidge around with your hands and then roll into meatballs (you could if you wanted put little cubes of mozarella in the middle like in your pInterest recipe) and then leave in the fridge for a while.

You can either brown them and cook that way or you can drop them "raw" into a marinara sauce and let them cook for 20 minutes or so (inspired by Nigella Lawson) - don't stir straight away.

Makes loads, so I usually end up open freezing a few - or forming some into burgers for something a bit different.

MrsKoala Mon 10-Nov-14 10:38:49

Morning all. I also happily make meatballs with no breadcrumbs: shallots, garlic, dried oregano, fresh parsley, minced beef, fresh grated parmesan/hard strong cheese of some kind, plenty of salt and pepper, all whizzed in the processor. Form into balls and fry in olive oil till browned. remove to a plate. add more shallots, garlic, chopped celery/courgette/carrot/peppers/whatever to the pan with more olive oil, soften for a few mins and add chopped tomatoes and some stock, return the meatballs to the pan and make sure they are covered with the liquid and leave to simmer till done and the sauce thickened.

Have been waking feeling grotty when bfing. Really hungry, empty and sicky sad So have upped the dairy a little.

Measured myself today and not much has changed. W 34" Hips 43" Thighs 25" So down slightly from my starting date of 21st Oct but not much.

BIWI Mon 10-Nov-14 11:23:03


Hello all. I'm afraid I need some support. I have an issue with now being at an ok weight, where people are telling me I look great, "you don't need to lose more" etc. However I'd like to lose at least 1/2 to 1 stone more. But I'm finding it hard to motivate myself. I've just come through a tough week with starting back at work properly with non-sleeping DCs, a job interview, reorganisations at work etc. I haven't fallen completely off the wagon but haven't been saintly sad
I think I need to cut portions and maybe dairy. I guess I'm asking for a kick up the arse please BIWI?

Being at an OK weight is hard! And having people telling you you don't need to lose more is even harder.

I think you probably need to just take stock for the moment, and cut yourself some slack - if you're having a hard time in RL then don't add to it by stressing about your weight. If you're happy with 'OK', then maintain at 'OK' for a while. Just make sure you're staying in the zone, and aim for 'slightly more saintly' for 80% of the time.

But I'd also say - be honest with yourself. Do you really need to lose more? Sometimes people say you shouldn't lose more because they're jealous, and because your weight loss challenges their own weight/failure to lose, etc. But sometimes they might be right! What is your BMI now? You could just be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

BeyondPreparedForHell Mon 10-Nov-14 12:13:40

Had the thing a few threads ago happen to me at the hospital earlier. Got on the scales and the nurse said "15 stone 5, does that sound right to you?" With a confused face. Yup, i have lead bones.

miffy49 Mon 10-Nov-14 12:23:27

I'm with Biwi Pseudo. Its not a race. Theres no time scale. Just free wheel for a bit and maintain. It will give your body image and shape time to catch up and then you can decide where you want to be. If you get all stressed out you wont lose very well anyway so just cruise.

yongnian Mon 10-Nov-14 12:57:48

Well, I STS this week. Hardly surprising, it's been a bit patchy and I took my eye off the ball with water and fat I think and there were some overly carby veg and even one or two odd sugar moments (because not enough fat I presume) so I think the balance overall needs to be hauled back into place. That said, I am of course pleased and grateful to have lost so much in the first place, and for not gaining. I know I could have lost this week if I'd have been more mindful, so only self to blame.
Also started exercising again after a 3 week lay off, so things could be going on there. Haven't checked measurements lately.
Going to try try try to focus back in and have a good week - not try, do! I am so close to being light enough to ride again - like 3lb close!!
I think this psychologically might also be why I sabotaged myself a bit ( weird, I know!).
Colder weather also a factor but have bought plenty of belly pork and other bits of pig to counteract that!
Onwards and downwards!
Congrats everyone else for keeping on and for losing!

MrsHerculePoirot Mon 10-Nov-14 13:15:12

Well done charlie, is it just the sweet cravings making you fed up? Could you allow yourself some sugar free jelly and cream as a weekend treat? Sometimes I do that for a sweet treat occasionally!

BeyondPreparedForHell Mon 10-Nov-14 14:27:15

Forgot to answer mrspoirot sorry!

The app is called happy scale and is free smile

Birdinacage Mon 10-Nov-14 14:50:23

Hello everyone, a shocking 8lbs off for me this week although 5lbs of that was a massive gain from an off piste moment last Saturday due to a Chinese takeaway and a few too many rum and diet cokes to try and take the edge off my face pain after a rather hard knock to the mouth/nose area. I did a dairy free week this last week as penance for my carby sins and it seems to have worked but it was miserable without the cheese.

Re Christmas I'm planning to make a few delicious low carb treats and to have things like nuts instead of crisps/chocolate for people to snack on to avoid temptation, luckily no one here likes Christmas cake or Christmas pudding except me so I just won't make any and we all dislike mince pies. I have a fantastic low carb cheesecake recipe and I'm going to try some cookies and a chocolate pudding of some description. Not planning on telling guests that the puds are low carb as I've made them before for visitors who loved them and had no clue they weren't just normal carby puddings wink I'll be doing low carb veggies and also celeriac chips for me and hope that I don't succumb to roast potatoes or Yorkshire pudding. My birthday is very close to Christmas too so there is real potential for a carby disaster if I don't keep myself on track.

BIWI and prettybird Those meatball recipes sound great, I've been after a more interesting meatball recipe for a meatball marinara style meal so will give them a try.

Tanukisan I usually find that my weight has gone up a bit on the Monday weigh in too, it's normally disappeared again on Tuesday morning which is a bit irritating but the overall trend is downwards which is the end goal so I try not to get too annoyed. It can be a bit de-motivating sometimes seeing other people lose quicker or have big whooshes if your weight loss is slow and steady but it's still a loss, maybe try doing a few days or a week of dairy free to see if it does affect your loss. I found it much easier to plan my meals at the start of the week and then buy the ingredients for them and just not buy in any cream and avoid the cheese, it wasn't too hard to avoid the dairy and I had fruit tea with coconut oil in the mornings as I can't stand black tea or coffee.

Chester I hope you manage to loose those 2 stone your wishing for, a bikini situations sounds like my worst nightmare right now, I've avoided anything swimwear related for a couple of years now! Good luck for the cake/carbs avoidance this week and I hope your DS has a great birthday.

Clash Congrats on being back in the healthy BMI range, I managed that this week too and it's weirdly satisfying to see the NHS calculator thingy tell me that I'm healthy rather than a long spiel about how many health issues I'm apparently at risk from due to just a couple of pounds difference hmmgrin

Pseudo Sorry to hear you're having a difficult time with bc at the mo. I felt like that recently. Although I'm not at my target yet I'm now a "healthy weight" and having been doing bc for a while I reached a point where I was finding it hard to keep motivated and follow the rules. In the end I just eased up a bit, allowed myself a few discrepancies here and there but did it mindfully so not just throwing in the towel and diving head first back into carbs but more joining in with a carby meal here and there or allowing myself a small amount of something puddingy and stuck to low carb the rest of the time. I've moved on from that now and got myself back into the right frame of mind and I'm motivated to stick to boot camp again now, I find that giving myself smaller, easier to reach goals as well as the overall end goal helps keep me in line as I have something achievable to work to in a smaller time frame. As far as what other people say, really the only person who's opinion matters on your weight is you (as long as your healthy and not getting underweight) so just judge your loss/size/weight on what makes you feel happy and confident not on what others say you should be flowers

Commiserations to the gainers, congrats to losers and sorry to everyone else that I have't replied to but I have to go out now so will return later, hope everyone has a good week this week and the numbers keep moving down for you all.

BitchyTakesOnManagement Mon 10-Nov-14 15:09:48

So for those who know that weight is weird on a monday, can I ask why you have not moved the weigh in day to tuesday if you feel this is a more accurate view of your weight. no criticism intended just curious as to reasons for strict weighin date.

I am not sure about whether to stand on the scales tomo or go with the weight at 5:30am before I went to bed this morning. If I go with the weight before sleep I have lost 1kg.

Am loving all the different meatball recipes. It definitely proves that often the added flour is not always necessary.

Not having a hugely great day. Ds is off school with emotional issue wrt school. It has required emotional confidence boosting (via the testing of his baking skills executed at his dad's house and brought back here because they are all on a diet there hmm and yes I will be having words about it ) Drinking lots of water, and looking forwards for the right moment to bring up with ds the differences in diet and what is considered healthy. Hard to change the mindset of an aspie though so will have to come up with a convincing set of evidence based rules. (think requires a mini research paper kinda level) On a plus note i think the exercise will really focus my mind on why i am doing this, what the benefits for me are and what the downfalls of not sticking to diet are. If I print 2 copies I can stick one on the fridge where i can always see it. grin

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