Week 6 - Pre-Christmas Low Carb Bootcamp - it's all downhill from here!

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BIWI Sun 02-Nov-14 22:06:31

Evening all.

I'm starting this thread earlier than usual because I have to be up and out of the house by 7.30 tomorrow.

Here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness as usual

And don't forget the Weight Tracker

I hope the God of Wooshes is looking favourably on you all!

From tomorrow I have 19 days until I fly off to Somewhere Hot, so I will be super vigilant and fighting off those pesky carbs with much vim and vigour.

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Roseformeplease Sun 02-Nov-14 22:11:24

Had a very bad Friday when, although the food was delicious, it was carbtastic. Dinner party with friends and there was rice, curry, bread, cake etc. I managed to go as light as possible and drove to avoid wine but, still.

However, 1lb down so not terrible. I can't access the spreadsheet but would love it if someone had a chance to change it for me.

Good luck to everyone weighing and thanks to BIWi for her efforts. Hope the carb fighting goes your way.

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 02-Nov-14 22:15:48

Week six already??!!!!!

PseudoBadger Sun 02-Nov-14 22:31:32

Evening all

BIWI Sun 02-Nov-14 22:33:33

I know, Pistey! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? grin

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BitchyTakesOnManagement Sun 02-Nov-14 22:35:02

Ime it tends to fly regardless of fun. But seriously week 6? shock

BitchyTakesOnManagement Mon 03-Nov-14 04:07:24

Ah monday morning weigh in. STS.

<leaves out a pot of bullet proof coffee for those in need of a caffine hit>


BestIsWest Mon 03-Nov-14 06:11:50

Weighing tomorrow but marking place.

MoJangled Mon 03-Nov-14 07:17:20

yessssss! YESSSSSS!!!!! 3lb off! hahahahahahahahaha! <crazed with relief>

StuntNun Mon 03-Nov-14 07:22:04

Hello folks, no weigh in for me today as I'm at my mum's house and they've been feeding me all the wrong stuff so it's back on the straight and narrow as soon as I get home.

Fourarmsv2 Mon 03-Nov-14 07:27:25

Quote from last thread:

31/10/2014 17:51 wooobatsandghouls

Hello Fourarms I wondered where you were hiding. Are you still on THD? <i've followed your progress>

Yes - still THD, but LCHF version. Thought I was at my natural weight, but after giving up nuts I seem to have shed a bit more weight this week. Just over 5 stone off - 1/3 of my starting weight! smile

Pleaseandthankyou Mon 03-Nov-14 07:28:03

1lb up . Carby meal with friends at the weekend where I had no control over the food served. Downing my first glass of water while waiting for my eggs to boil. Roast chicken, leftover from yesterday, sprouts and leeks for dinner. Lunch will be tuna salad. Good luck everyone

Folknstein Mon 03-Nov-14 07:32:27

Morning all! Have still STS but am not worrying (I am a bit) as I am looking better and feel good. Managed to squidge into my old jeans which is a step closer to actually being able to wear them grin.
Ate a bit too much 85 dark choc over the weekend but managed to stay the same and am back on the wagon with a vengeance. By too much I mean four squares, so not completely hideous!

Hope everyone is ok?

Pleaseandthankyou Mon 03-Nov-14 07:36:39

Fourarms, 5 stone. what an achievement.
Stunt nun , congratulations on your news

CecyHall Mon 03-Nov-14 07:38:31

Good morning, thanks for new thread.

Starting today with coffee and cream, having a chicken omelette for lunch and then pulled pork and sauerkraut for tea. Can't wait!

Have a good week all!

ChesterDrawers Mon 03-Nov-14 07:44:59

STFFFFFFS - gutted sad

So, a dairy free week appears to be in order - double gutted sad sad

B: eggs, butter no cream sad
L: left over roast chicken, home made coleslaw, loads of mayo
D: pork steak of some kind, roast broccoli, leeks in butter

ClashCityRocker Mon 03-Nov-14 07:48:24

2lb off for me!

Which means.....I've lost a stone!! <does happy dance> Since the start of BC.

And only a stone my target/reassessing my target weight. Tempted to do an über camp this week so will be joining chester on the no dairy.

MoJangled Mon 03-Nov-14 07:58:03

With you, Clash and Chester . The things I did differently last week were: cut out cheese (but not cream, butter or Greek yog); did a non- stunt - approved carb feed (sulky biscuit dough fingerfull); and - whispers - ate a bit less overall so I was actually hungry before meals. I'm thrilled to have lost 3lb but as I've only lost 4 overall, I need to keep the pressure on. I'll try the lower dairy / smaller portions and not the tantrum cheating this week and see if it keeps working. Good luck losers!

And well done, Clash and Fourarms !

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 03-Nov-14 08:10:38

good loss Fourarmsv2 smile

1lb down this morning but fluctuating massively at the moment, up and down 2kg with food and water. Also finding that I'm really tired / worn-out so am attempting to consume more <massive mental battle> whilst wanting to bootcamp to the end and hit my latest goal grin

B. 3 boiled eggs BPC
l. not sure yet - probably tuna salad
D. burger and salad

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 03-Nov-14 08:11:36

well done Clash grin

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 03-Nov-14 08:35:14

Well done Clash mo and fourarms. I don't weigh on a Monday because I always seem to weigh more after the weekend and I find it really dispiriting but I stepped on the scales this morning - a pound up sad. I seem to weigh more the day after doing exercise and I did a bike and a run yesterday do I'm going to blame that!

So for me: no bloody weighing until Saturday and no dairy. I'm going to keep on with the nuts though, mainly because I want to try that coconut porridge! Getting a bit bored of eggs for breakfast.

Keep on keeping on everyone thanks

SayraT Mon 03-Nov-14 08:37:25

Where are you off too BIWI is this the holiday you are taking yourself?

rose I've updated spreadsheet for you.

Well done Mo grin

Hi stunt hope you had a nice time at your mums even if you did get fed the wrong things smile

Oh no please normally after a carby weekend where I can't control the food I just don't weigh and say that I STS, then I really hit the LC and by the next weigh-in I either have STS or lost a bit. As long as you get back on track the occasional weekend doesn't matter.

Sometime you loose inches instead of weight folk I currently weigh 211 lbs and was wearing trousers the other day that I last wore when I was at least 10 lbs lighter!

Sorry to hear that chester I know you've been really trying and I wish that there was something we could do to help. I guess the best thing this week is to really really plan and make sure you don't have any hunger where you might grab the wrong thing.

Well done clash a whole stone, that is fantastic. Do you really need to do UC if it is working well for you as it is? You don't want to be loosing more that 1-2 lbs per week so if UC is a plan to lose more then I wouldn't recommend it.

Hey pisses we were updating the spreadsheet at the same time again this week smile

I have lost 1lb this week which I am delighted with. I have set myself a mini target of 209lbs for the 22nd November which is the day I fly out to Brazil for two weeks. I need to look fabulous for Copacabana beach smile if I reach my target that will take me in to the next stone down, which as you all know, feels amazing grin


B: Coconut porridge with some berries, coffee with cream
L: Leftover spicy beef mine with salad
D: Not sure but will involve chicken and mushrooms and maybe peppers

Sorry if I missed anyone while I was typing. Good luck to you all flowers

YoureMyWifeNowDave Mon 03-Nov-14 08:41:05

Morning all grin

2lbs off for me this week which i'm really pleased with! was expecting to STS after having a half term week of visiting family etc

10lbs down since starting bootcamp grin

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 03-Nov-14 08:45:10

Sarah - something that was suggested to me was that after heavy exercise your body wants to hold onto all the food and water it can, (and seems to fit with something Stunt had previously posted)
I run fasted in the morning and weigh as soon as I get back, before any water or food

Mo - great loss

JimmySilentHill Mon 03-Nov-14 09:35:09

Okay. I'm making a fresh start today. I followed this WOE from Feb-July this year and felt amazing. Then it slowly went to pot over the school hols and I just couldn't get back on track blush It is quite simply laziness with food prep. I haven't eaten anything delicious recently, just convenient. But I am a stone heavier than I was at the beginning of August and I have had enough. I will be with you now for the rest of bootcamp (if that's ok) ... and beyond!

So far today:
B: BPC (will be buying some delicious duck eggs to have egg in a cup later this morning).
L: will be curried shrimp coconut soup
D: Bolognese with courgetti spaghetti

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