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Week 5 - Low Carb Bootcamp - The cheating stops here

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StuntNun Mon 02-Jun-14 06:33:15

Hello again and it's time for weigh in. The cheating seems to have edged up a bit in the last week <stern look over the glasses, you know who you are> so I want to remind everyone that cheating is a really bad idea and will hinder your weight loss. It's called Bootcamp for a reason. We only want ten weeks from you and the cheat foods will still be there at the end of Bootcamp. But for now no cheats please. Next time you're tempted remember it isn't the last scone/cake/wine in the world.

If you need a reminder or you're joining Bootcamp partway through, the rules are on the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness and you can also track your weight on the Weight Tracker.

As promised last week I've written some info on the science behind diets...

How do we lose weight?

First, why don't low fat restricted calorie diets work? It comes down to homeostasis: our bodies actively resist change. For some reason in humans our resistance to weight change appears to be asymmetric, that is we resist losing weight much more effectively than we resist gaining weight. Most of us have experienced first hand the gradual increase in weight over time, or the more abrupt but still unshiftable weight gain that happens with pregnancy. Basically it's easy to gain weight but difficult to lose weight. So we go on a reduced calorie diet, eating 1800 calories while our bodies are expending 2000 calories. We may lose some weight at first but eventually eating 1800 calories becomes the norm and our bodies resist the change by dropping the metabolic rate to match calorie output to input. But, and here's the problem, the metabolic rate might drop to reduce calorie expenditure by 300 calories rather than 200 in order to regain the lost weight and get back to our normal weight. So weight loss stops, we get disheartened and quit the diet and our reduced metabolic rate allows the weight to pile back on and then some, just in case we encounter this artificial famine again in the future.

So what's different about a low carb diet? One of the key rules of Bootcamp is to eat when you're hungry. This works to prevent the reduced metabolic rate that scuppers a reduced calorie diet. When you start eating a low carb diet and you have exhausted your glycogen stores, the liver starts converting fat from your diet into ketones. Your muscles start using ketones and then adapt to using fatty acids for energy. Your brain uses ketones and glucose from your diet along with glucose produced from protein by gluconeogenesis. The low levels of insulin induced by a low carb diet allow fatty acids to flow freely in and out of fat cells. It is this free flow of fatty acids from your fat cells that allows you to lose weight on a low carb diet without restricting calories. Your muscles cannot distinguish whether fatty acids came directly from your digestive system or from your fat cells, they just use them up as needed. As you adapt to the low carb diet, there is a reduction in your appetite in response to the ready availability of energy at all times. A low carb diet works simply by allowing your muscles and liver to freely use fatty acids released from your fat cells.

Good luck for the coming week. Keep on keeping on.

F1onajb Mon 02-Jun-14 06:41:24

3 lbs on but it is TOTM and I fell off the wagon for a few days. My cravings were awful. Back on it now though. Thanks for all your support everyone and good luck smile

Parsnipcake Mon 02-Jun-14 06:44:08

1.5lb off. This could be the week I break the 200lb barrier smile

HalfSpamHalfBrisket Mon 02-Jun-14 06:52:25

1lb off for me, slow but steady.

PseudoBadger Mon 02-Jun-14 06:59:18

Morning everyone, thanks for new thread Stunt smile

olivesnutsandcheese Mon 02-Jun-14 07:43:44

2lbs on since last weigh in blush
so my wine has definitely caught up with me. I think it would have been far more but since Saturday have been necking water and upping the fat (and not cheating)

I could do with some help on protein portions so will post food later.

good luck on the scales everyone grin

Suzymoo09 Mon 02-Jun-14 07:57:36

A little whooshy fairy visited me at long last. Hoping for blood results today stunt will keep you posted. I am with you about this WOE but have inherited high cholesterol so have to look into it from all ways & do some research. I am 50 at the end of the month and the shock of this has made me lose weight at last and really want to sort my health out - I have an 11 year old who keeps me on my toes - was body boarding yesterday!!! my arms ache so much.

Well done to all who have lost, commiserations to those who haven't may it strengthen your resolve! smile

Pisseslikeahorse Mon 02-Jun-14 07:59:03

Good morning all, 2lb off today

Yep, Im staying on bootcamp as I thought i'd stalled and still had a loss <smug face>grin

B. Eggs
L. last nights curry, Aubergine & Lamb
D. Roast pork

Locarblil Mon 02-Jun-14 08:12:50

2.5 off for me (6lb in total.) Very, very pleased. It's been a really horrible week otherwise.

In some ways bootcamp is pleasantly mindless while there's lots going on. I can just eat the allowed stuff, or I allow myself anything under 4g/100g carbs, don't have to think about counting or A & B foods, and the fat keeps me full so I don't think about food so much.

Have stuck rigidly to it all week after a slightly disastrous B/H weekend and drunk gallons of water. Hoping the downward trend continues. Congratulations to the losers! and comiserations to those who've gained sad

sybsie Mon 02-Jun-14 08:19:21

First weigh in - I am officially enormous. I have 2 stone to lose ideally though if I could get 1.5st that would be great. Still, water, water, water, butter, butter.

Thanks for the new thread and the lovely support.

petalsandstars Mon 02-Jun-14 08:29:45

2lb off. May need to keep an eye on portion sizes still though as I've not got far to get to my goal really.

Lite is tempting to overindulge on I have realised but I have a new liking for good quality dark chocolate.

rubybricks Mon 02-Jun-14 08:29:58

aaagh ! 4lb on blush but totm here too and i've fallen off the wagon - have come to the conclusion that i'll just have to avoid my family (feeders!) for the duration of bootcamp! so tired of trying to avoid scrutiny/comment at mealtimes - coupled with pmt/tetchiness - means i just caved in and ate/drank what was put in front of me.

but i'm back on board, really going to try hard these last 5 weeks - and will be sticking to bootcamp, not lite.

well done to all the losers, commiserations to the stallers/gainers, thanks for the new thread stuntnun flowers

B: total greek yoghurt, cream
L: veg soup, ham, cheese
D: chicken, veg

SayraT Mon 02-Jun-14 08:30:58

Welcome sybsie I am sure that you are not officially enormous, some of us need to lose over double what you need to lose grin

Have you done LC before? If not then definitely look at the links stunt posted in the OP. If you have any questions just ask, someone will hopefully be able to answer.

Good week for me this week (except that I slept through my alarm and will be late for work) as I lost 4lbs despite being away all week smile

B: Coffee with cream
L: Left over chicken satay
D: Not sure
S: Cream and berries (no yogurt so thought this would work if I whipped it) and a mini Jalsberg cheese.

Finger crosses for good losses for everyone and if you don't get one this week then keep on keeping on and the whoosh fairy will reward you!

fitflopqueen Mon 02-Jun-14 08:31:16

Please can you add me to the spreadsheet, surgery earlier this year put a stop to the low carbing for a while, now need to get back in control.
Am 168lbs today and disgusted!
2 boiled eggs so far ....

cousinsandra Mon 02-Jun-14 08:33:20

Weighed in, 4 off - getting back on track after holiday chaos. I feel so relieved to have found something that my body responds to!

alleypalley Mon 02-Jun-14 08:33:25

Back from my holidays, 2lbs on, (in 2 weeks as I wasn't home to weigh on last week). I was good with food where I had control over my meals, but far too much wine.

Strict bc for me for a couple of weeks I think.

SayraT Mon 02-Jun-14 08:33:29

Added you fitflop did you just start today? I've added you at the bottom of the sheet.

lowcarbforthewin Mon 02-Jun-14 08:37:30

Well done on all the losses. I have decided not to weigh myself. Last week I felt as if I was lighter, the scales showed no loss, so i fell into some self pitying chocolate, thereby probably sabotaging this week's loss. Which is nonsensical, I had definitely lost something.

Going to focus on other achievements for now; my trousers feeling baggier, having sorted out that if I up my fat at lunch I eat less overall (and feel much less hunger), getting through a stressful few weeks but staying on track most of the time. I am doing well at this, I am not going to let a number on the scale make me feel I'm failing.

Might give in and weigh myself in a week, but otherwise no plans to do so more than once a month.

magso Mon 02-Jun-14 08:47:26

Congratulations to those who have continued to loose weight despite half term and bank holidays to disrupt routines.
Nothing further off for me after a tricky half term, being out and about. I haven't cheated exactly but have drunk less water and eaten less fat after my pot of coconut oil mysteriously vanished and the local supermarket had no more. I thought mashed celeriac with coconut oil and cream lovely - but perhaps I went a bit too far by serving it for everyone else! I am close to my target so probably need to go back to BC as opposed to BCL. Would like to loose a further 3-4lbs if possible.

glenthebattleostrich Mon 02-Jun-14 08:48:58


1.5lb off today.

Sticking to strict boot camp this week and hoping for a whoosh! DH has joined the weekly weigh in (but won't join MN!) And he has lost 11lb in 10 days. git

B tea with cream, parma ham, eggs in butter and tomatoes.

L hallomi with salad

T pork steaks in a garlic and sour cream sauce.

1 litre of water down, 3 to go!

SarahBeenysBumblingApprentice Mon 02-Jun-14 09:01:44

Quick SMS post, supposed to be doing work! :

1lb on since last weigh in, 2lb on since Friday. I am really, really fed up about this!

I'm hoping it's water weight- I'm as thirsty as the Sahara this morning which often correlates with being a bit heavier on the scales. I've already had 3l of water today so I'll weigh again tomorrow and see how that goes. Have to try to kick myself- there really is no need to feel this down about it!

JimmyCorkhill Mon 02-Jun-14 09:18:25

2lbs off which I'm very pleased about. Sticking to BC. Got a wedding to attend this weekend but I did choose the most low carb options on the menu and DH is happy to eat my dessert! I will have wine as this is a bridezilla and in-lawzilla event and it will be necessary for survival!!

After this weekend there are no social events I can't manage so I'm looking forward to a very strict 2nd half of BC.

CQ Mon 02-Jun-14 09:20:34

Morning all, a small gain of 0.3 lbs this week but it's been a crazy week with half term and DH home from Oz for a week.

All calm again this morning so I'm back on BC with a vengeance. ALso going to start 30 Day Shred if my knees will take it smile

No more excuses.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 02-Jun-14 09:28:58

Marking my place wine

Weighing in here on Tuesdays, but keeping on, keeping on.

StuntNun Mon 02-Jun-14 09:57:29

I have a small loss this week making 1.5 lb off so far this Bootcamp. smilesmilesmile I'm very happy about this as I've been maintaining for quite a while so it's good to see the scales moving down again. I know the set point theory of weight has been getting debunked lately but I think there's something to it, as try as I might I couldn't get lower than 132lb.

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