Bootcamping with no cooking facilities...

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berberana Tue 13-May-14 14:37:31

We're having the kitchen replaced so we only have a microwave and no surfaces on which to prepare food (dining table covered with contents of kitchen cupboards!) . It could be like this for a month or more so does anyone have any inspired ideas for low or no prep meals which can be eaten cold or cooked in microwave? BBQ is also an occasional option if the weather perks up at weekends but DH usually not home til half nine so not really a weekday option. Cold meat and salad will only hold my interest for so long... Thanks!

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Parsnipcake Tue 13-May-14 15:24:39

I would buy a cheap slow cooker as you will be able to cook lots of low carb stews, curries etc.

berberana Tue 13-May-14 15:29:45

Ooh yes, I've got one of those. Will dig it out and maybe if I buy ready prepped veg I could just throw it all in.

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Fourarmsv2 Tue 13-May-14 15:46:07

Halogen oven. Camping cooker?

Fourarmsv2 Tue 13-May-14 15:47:24

I have all my normal home cooked staples whilst camping with a 2 ring gas cooker and a halogen oven. Maybe get an electric steamer too?

berberana Tue 13-May-14 17:35:11

Good idea, I'll pretend I'm camping! I always manage to eat well at festivals!

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Notsoskinnyminny Tue 13-May-14 18:16:27

There's always salad and if the sun stays out long enough a bbq is perfect for lc'ing.


BIWI Fri 16-May-14 18:45:49

I sometimes cook my lunch at work in the microwave, which always attracts amazement! Cooking? In the microwave?!

One thing that works really well is salmon. Put salmon fillets in a bowl, add a generous knob of butter, season with salt/black pepper and add the juice of a lemon. Cover the dish and microwave for 2-4 minutes on high. I did two fillets for 3 minutes in an 850w microwave, and they were a little bit overcooked, so I'd experiment with the time - starting on the low side first.

Serve with salad and lots of mayo.

Kefybaby Tue 17-Jun-14 17:55:52

Great advice regarding the salmon dish, BIWI! I will try it too. In a similar situation as have no kitchen for a few weeks. I am already fed up of cold salads.

Kefybaby Tue 17-Jun-14 17:59:50

My other microwave meal is scrambled eggs, by the way. Just a bit of butter in a bowl, add eggs and milk, scramble, put on for a minute or so, scramble again, cook for a bit longer, job done. They are really nice mixed with avocado, tomatoes and goat's cheese or haloumi cheese.

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