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Next Low Carb Bootcamp starts on 5 May!

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BecauseImWoeufIt Sun 20-Apr-14 22:55:46

If you're interested in joining us, sign up here. Bootcamp lasts for 10 weeks, and starts with two strict weeks, before you move on to Bootcamp Light for the remaining 8 weeks.

You aren't allowed to eat:


And for the first two weeks you can't eat fruit or drink alcohol

The idea behind Bootcamp is that whilst it should be strict (and therefore, hopefully, work!) that it should also be easy - therefore there is no weighing or counting of anything. Just ten rules that you need to follow.

So if you're interested - put your name down here!

Locarblil Thu 08-May-14 20:03:29

Parsnip, Jimmy & Felix - thankyou. Just popping in here to say that the weight HAS come off again! Hurrah. Hearing your encouragement kept me going smile

Mumelie Mon 05-May-14 17:17:51

Or on the week 1 thread - wrong one!

Mumelie Mon 05-May-14 17:17:00

Hi everyone.
I'm new to bootcamp but not low carbing. Been on (mostly) and off since last August. I do find it hard to lose weight whatever diet I do, but this suits me the best (carbs do me in, IBs and joint pain).
Looking forward to lots of motivation and recipes on here grin

SociallyAcceptableCookie Mon 05-May-14 17:12:55

Thanks foreskin. It turns out they don't do carvery in a Monday so I had a chicken and bacon salad.

Locarblil Mon 05-May-14 14:23:55

Ooh ta guys. Am being v strict and mainlining the water. I've been going to the loo every half hour smile.

FelixFelix Mon 05-May-14 12:09:27

Locarblil I agree with the water weight thing. Previously when I've been LC and then slipped up and gained quite a lot, I find I've lost most of it within a day or 2 after I've flushed all the carbyness out of my system. Drink lots of water!

JimmyCorkhill Mon 05-May-14 11:56:11

I read somewhere that to put on one pound of weight you need to have eaten an extra 3500 cals than you needed. So if you put 3.8lbs on you must have overeaten more than 10,500 cals. You DID NOT do that! So as Parsnipcake said, it will be water weight and other scientificky stuff grin.

Locarblil Mon 05-May-14 11:12:00

Thanks Parsnip - I hope so. I was a bit startled reading back what I'd written - in my head it was a minor blip, IRL - not so much minor!

Parsnipcake Mon 05-May-14 11:07:06

Locarbill, I think water tends to stay in your system when you have carbs, so it's probably water weight. It will probably all go kn a few days time.

Locarblil Mon 05-May-14 10:52:59

AAargh. Can someone please talk me down? I've been low carbing since good Friday. I hadn't had a sniff of my Easter choc, had TOM and didn't give in to choc cravings, had really bad carb flu but kept going. Was a bit disheartened that had only lost 4lb in nearly 2 weeks as lost double that last time I low carbed, but v proud of myself for keeping going, loved this WOE.

Then on Thurs went out for a meal - set menu - so had bread, chips & choc mousse. Fri, back on track. Went out that eve with best of intentions. When I arrived at the bar they'd already bought me a cocktail, which I drank, which then led to fajitas being eaten and more cocktails being drunk. Sat morning was full fat coke & face first into Easter chocolate, plus juice and bread at a BBQ.

V strict on Sunday, but weighed this morning - of the 4lb I lost 3.8lb back on. Could cry. Have I really undone 2 weeks of hard work in 2 days?

Although reading that back, the carby twattyness was much worse than I thought. Heavy sigh. I'm just so fat, and it gets me down every single day. S'pose the only thing to do is keep pegging on & chalk it up to bitter experience... sad Maybe I can at least be a cautionary tale!

ForeskinHyena Mon 05-May-14 09:34:53

Socially, you could take a flask of your own gravy made by pureeing some veg (squash? Is that low enough carb?) into some beef stock to thicken it.

ImSoOverIt Mon 05-May-14 08:57:16

I want to make my own mayo today. For those of you who have already , do you find it is better to use an electric whisk or a food processor? Also, can you use olive oil instead of rapeseed/sunflower?

BIWI Mon 05-May-14 08:57:09

Week 1 Chat Thread is here

ImSoOverIt Mon 05-May-14 08:52:12

Yes social, gravy will be floury/starchy. I would stick to mayo.

SociallyAcceptableCookie Sun 04-May-14 23:12:02

Good question, Parsnipcake. I'm doing boot camp light so I know I'd be allowed yoghurt and a few raspberries but I don't want to risk my weight loss. My problem is not loving eggs and not wanting to cook in the morning. Cleaning up after a six month old's breakfast is bad enough. I don't need to add extra pans and cutting boards! It's really difficult to avoid licking my fingers when I get his cereal on them but I'm trying.

We're going to a carvery for lunch tomorrow which should be fine because I'll choose the meat I want and load up on veg. I should avoid gravy because it's full of starch, right?

Parsnipcake Sun 04-May-14 22:48:55

So what's for breakfast tomorrow? It's a bank holiday so bacon, eggs and mushrooms here.

Locarblil Sun 04-May-14 22:09:28

Foreskin - Yup, the worst feeling. I think I've been in denial about how much weight I've put on sad.

OverIt - sounds like you did really well under difficult circumstances!

ImSoOverIt Sun 04-May-14 21:57:00

Just coming to end of day two for me and got through a family takeaway by having sag paneer and special mixed vegetables. Next time I will order something specific like cauliflower bhaji (veggie) because my mixed vegetables turned out to be mainly potatoes, sweet corn and peas! I did manage to pick out and eat some courgette, mange tout and baby corn though. Ended the meal still fairly hungry and was so tempted by the chapattis, popadums and naan bread on the table, but I resisted. I finished the meal off with yogurt and cream and coffee with cream so that filled me up, but I have the serious munchies now, and nothing really to hand to snack on. I will have to boil up some eggs tomorrow. I am a lot hungrier than I remember being last bootcamp, I hope this doesn't go on too long! I also resisted ice creams at the beach today, and feel especially proud when I didn't succumb when dd didn't want to finish her solero!

Can't wait til we're all on it tomorrow! grin

ForeskinHyena Sun 04-May-14 21:11:34

Locarblil that's harsh isn't it. You look in the mirror and think 'yeah I look pretty good' then when you see the photos it's like someone else!

Locarblil Sun 04-May-14 19:25:21

Really looking forwards to this. Had been low carbing since good Friday but went SERIOUSLY off piste Thurs/Fri/Sat. Been good all day today so will assess the damage on Monday. Onwards and downwards.

I definitely need this guys. The photos from my last big night out are blush I thought I looked OK!

pregnantpause Sun 04-May-14 18:48:12

I am ready to get back on the wagon. I did so well all week , then dh had planned a special surprise weekend- wine tasting, with bread and oils to dip, a three course meal, ( I'm not saying I couldn't have made better choices, but I really did go carb twat) back to it tomorrow- at least I know that I can do it and what's more- I really enjoy it!

trashcanjunkie Sun 04-May-14 18:22:57

<rubs robot hands together and does evil mirth laughter>

Soon my army of carbinators will be complete.... Mwa ha ha ha

PeonyStick Sun 04-May-14 18:10:14

No trash .... The next baby in this house will have 4 legs !

Cherrypi Sun 04-May-14 17:18:12

Cinnamon is quite nice in yoghurt Felix.

Cherrypi Sun 04-May-14 17:17:58

Cinnamon is quite nice in yoghurt Felix.

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