LC, contraception pill and weight loss stop

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GermanGirlinLondon Mon 31-Mar-14 21:51:45

I started LC (or Paleo to be more specific) on the 1st of January this year and lost 17.8lbs in a relative short time. I started taking the contraceptive pill again nearer the end of February and despite no changes in my diet (Still LC, watching calories - exercising) I haven't lost any weight. In fact I am nearly 2lbs heavier than before. It's been nearly five weeks now and I am getting really frustrated. Is that a normal thing to happen? I go up 2lbs in weight, then I lose 2lbs again just to gain it a few days later. Just wondering if it's a good idea to stop taking it as I am having the IUD coil fitted at the beginning of May and see if I lose weight again?

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