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Can anyone recommend me some scales?

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SayraT Thu 13-Mar-14 08:02:12

As some of you know from the BC thread my scales have gone haywire, I bought a new battery but I still think they are out.

I calibrated them by weighing my skinny OH who always weighs the same and even with the new battery they had him at a stone heavier than normal. Apparently I am back to pre-BC weight (which is just not the case).

I decided that once I weigh myself on some other scales, just to confirm that I haven't put weight back on, I will buy a new set. I wondered if anyone has any that they think are fab and that I need to rush out and buy.

Does anyone have the fancy ones that measure water/fat/muscle and do they work, can they accurately measure these things? Or should I just get bog-standard scales?

Thank you in advance grin

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