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Got the shakes on day 2!

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BatCrapCrazy Tue 11-Mar-14 07:10:36

I started low carving yesterday (approx 25g net carbs) and this morning I can't stop shaking. I feel like I'm going to throw up. Is this normal?

BatCrapCrazy Tue 11-Mar-14 07:27:48

I can't stop shaking! Biscuit tin is staring at me!

DurhamDurham Tue 11-Mar-14 07:47:49

You may have Carb Flu, it's not great. When I started low carbing I felt dreadful for over a week. I felt tearful, sick, headachy and had no energy. But then I am a tad dramatic smile
This does pass and now I feel great, I love this WOE.
Good luck, stick with it and move away from the biscuits!!

BatCrapCrazy Tue 11-Mar-14 09:05:13

The weird thing is, I already have more energy. The shakes have stopped - for now. Hoping I don't get the same thing tomorrow morning!

hillyhilly Tue 11-Mar-14 09:10:50

The shakes are caused by low blood sugar, I suffer from these often, especially if I eat a carby breakfast, by 11.30 I am shaking.
You need to work out hjpow to boost your blood sugar - when you're not low carbing, eat some sugar quickly.However obvs this doesn't fit with low carb so you need to prevent them happening in the first place!
I eat eggs for breakfast almost never have this problem, if its hapoened before your breakfast then maybe you needed to eat more last night - maybe some nuts as a late night snack?

BatCrapCrazy Tue 11-Mar-14 09:15:37

I had my dinner at 4.30pm last night and didn't eat anything after that so maybe it was because of that.
The shakes stopped about 20mins after breakfast.

DP is doing it aswell. He is a bodybuilder and is massively struggling already. He went to bed at 7pm last night as he had no energy and he really struggled in the gym this morning.

BIWI Sat 15-Mar-14 13:12:32

It's not called 'carb flu' for nothing! Hopefully by now you'll be through it.

Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fat - and make sure that your electrolyte balance is OK. This means that you need to make sure you're getting plenty of sodium, magnesium and potassium. So, cook with salt and put salt on your food, and eat things like salmon, avocado, spinach and full fat natural yoghurt.

Your DH will find it tough at the gym until he is properly keto-adapted, which will take around 2-4 weeks. Tell him not to stress about it, and that once adapted, he will not have any problem at the gym.

If you want to read more about it, there's a great book called "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" by Drs Phinny and Volek. Written specifically for serious athletes.

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