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A struggling boot camper writes....

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Tenementfunster Wed 19-Feb-14 20:18:38

God I am so crap. I did really well on the bootcamp before Xmas but can't get my shit together. I keep to it for 5 days then succumb to chocolate. Sugar is like a drug to me. I just need to get some self control and rediscover my faith in this woe. I have kept a stone of the 20 lbs I lost before Xmas off. I just had such a shock this morning when I weighed myself, I've actually gained a pound over this bc. How ridiculous!
I just need a much needed kick up the arse, really. I was genuinely shocked at the scales because I my clothes, I can't actually feel a difference in terms do tightness in my clothes and at the weekend was feeling quite svelte!

Any words of wisdom would be invaluable. I need to make this work long term, got a stack of family medical history breathing down my neck..

toomuchicecream Wed 19-Feb-14 20:44:31

I do it on the one meal at a time approach, combined with "if I still want it after a pint of water I can have it". But mostly by taking it one meal at a time (with a menu plan for the day too of course).

MrsHughJarse Thu 27-Feb-14 12:22:54

Just seen this tenement - you would better off posting on the main thread - much more traffic. I didn't even look at these other threads until today - and we're 7 weeks in ! I don't know if you've seen but I just had a health MOT with bloods taken etc and 7 weeks of this WOE have given me great blood sugars, great cholesterol etc - my risk of heart disease/ stroke etx is now listed as ' minimal'. I have stuck my blood results near to where I keep all the DC's choccy/ crisps etc - incase I am tempted.

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