Week 5 Low Carb Bootcamp - Come and Shout Your Shit!

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BIWI Mon 10-Feb-14 07:37:10

Here's The Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

And The Weight Tracker

By now, if everyone has been following Bootcamp/Bootcamp Light rules properly <looks over top of glasses> then we should all be keto-adapted, and should be burning fat. Yippee!!

Hope everyone has a good week.


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BIWI Mon 10-Feb-14 07:44:06

The lovely Tech team have asked if there are any other changes we would like to see to the Bootcamp 'area' on Mumsnet, so if you have any thoughts could you post them here?

The one thing I am going to ask them for is another graph, showing actual weight per week, rather than just the weekly loss, as I think it's more motivating to see a downward (hopefully!) trend.

Any other thoughts?

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Woolfey Mon 10-Feb-14 07:44:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PseudoBadger Mon 10-Feb-14 07:46:22

5.8lbs off this week! In total since official bootcamp that's 10lb down - but I started a couple of weeks before that and have so far lost 18lbs. Hooray!

BIWI Mon 10-Feb-14 07:50:39

Woolfey - keep on keeping on is the best advice, always! Good news.

Psuedo - that's brilliant. Well done.

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DurhamDurham Mon 10-Feb-14 07:57:33

Good Morning fellow campers grin

Delighted to report a 2 lb loss, this is despite my slight off piste moment on Saturday evening when I snaffled some of my friend's pudding. I have been v good apart from that and have drank so much water that I'm somewhat relieved we're not on a meter!!

Good luck to everyone and continuing thanks to BIWI thanksthanks

ThatYoghurtWontPotItself Mon 10-Feb-14 08:03:06



WillieWaggledagger Mon 10-Feb-14 08:03:50

hang on

SayraT Mon 10-Feb-14 08:03:58

Well done Chester and Woolfey

thumb growth hormones are illegal in the UK (and EU) but I have a feeling you are somewhere else? I have no idea if eating meat from animals/bird which have been fed hormones will have an effect on people.

I normally weigh in on Monday but accidentally drank a pint of water when I got up so don't want to weigh that as well grin

B: Coffee with cream
L: Tuna with little gem lettuce, cucumber and carrot
D: not sure yet

WillieWaggledagger Mon 10-Feb-14 08:04:11

there we go

SayraT Mon 10-Feb-14 08:05:32

Oh meant to say, yes BIWI I agree with the actual weight graph. I want to see a graph that goes down not up!

CiderwithBuda Mon 10-Feb-14 08:06:33

Pseudo - that's fab! Well done!

I'm 2 down this week! Chuffed with that as I have been faffing about so much. It's a total loss of 7lbs since we started but I have had two weeks off really. So I am doing a proper Bootcamp week this week. NO messing about!

Planning on using my cross trainer too and walking. Would love to get back to running but need to lose more weight first.

StuntNun Mon 10-Feb-14 08:07:32

One pound off but I'm not convinced as my weight has been shooting all over the place. I think carb creep is a real problem for me.

MyPreciousRing Mon 10-Feb-14 08:07:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scratchviolet Mon 10-Feb-14 08:13:30

2lb off this week - making 13 in total since soft launch week. Very pleased but still at least 1 stone to go so I'm sticking to full boot camp as far as possible. I had two restaurant meals this weekend and managed to stay on track but only by eating huge steaks and burgers without the bun. Definitely think I'm going to have to start paying more attention to portion size and I'm still not drinking enough water.

I did a little bit of moderate exercise this weekend and my legs ache this morning like I've run a marathon. Is that a low carb thing? If I up the exercise will my body get used to it or are some carbs necessary. (Think I might be trying to find an excuse to stay off exercise till end of boot camp!)

Well good luck everyone this week. (BIWI - I'd love to see a cumulative weight loss graph too)

arselikekylie Mon 10-Feb-14 08:14:58

Week 5! Wow, can't believe I'm still into this. Nearly a stone off so far and that's with me having several off piste moments in last fortnight.

Nice loose work skirt today smile

Pleaseandthankyou Mon 10-Feb-14 08:15:14

I'm back on bootcamp after taking 10 days off. I knew I wouldn't be able to control what I ate so took a planned break. I also had a few days of a once in a lifetime celebration. Two pounds on since last weigh in which was two weeks ago so not so bad. I had the opposite experience to BIWI with a mirror. Had a full length mirror in my hotel. Every time I looked at myself I thought I looked fantastic, and at my age it has been a long time since I felt like that. I was half way through the week when I realised that that it was a SKINNY mirror. It was adding inches in one direction and taking them off in another. No cheating this week and looking to you all for inspiration.

PseudoBadger Mon 10-Feb-14 08:16:19

I agree about the graphs Sayra I don't really understand them

sybilfaulty Mon 10-Feb-14 08:19:31

Weighing in for me tomorrow. Good luck to all weighing today

SteeleyeStan Mon 10-Feb-14 08:22:54

I like the graph idea BIWI, and thank you for the new thread.

I've STS, which is fine. My weight was nearly 2lb lower already, so a tiny bit disappointed. But I'm sure that's due to my own stupid peanut butter face, so no point in moaning. I also need to pay attention to drinking water again; feeling a bit dehydrated and my stomach's not happy either.

Brilliant losses Pseudo Durham and Cider.

Plan is:
B: Eggs and BPC.
L: Avocado and smoked mackrel.
D: Slow cooker pork with swede and shallots.

I wish I loved my slow cooker, but I really don't. Already boaking a bit at the idea of slow cooker pork. No matter how dry everything is when I shove them in, it always ends up full of liquid and tasting of boiled meat, with some unpleasent side taste of general slowcookeriness...

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 10-Feb-14 08:31:39

Yay, Precious! Glad you're back.

Down 3lbs from last Monday, which is excellent, especially given I've been up and down dramatically (particularly the up) for the last two weeks or so. Trend/friend, finally got it grin

Am also staying on BC with the odd nut or two (food, not people) as I'm very happy with my food, and if I'm not missing things that are not particularly good for me, then there isn't any real reason other than emotional attachment to add them back in.

p.s. knee not as bad as I thought this morning - could it be this cleaner way of eating (less inflammation) also stops interfering with body repairs? A smash like that would usually have been inflamed for days and days...

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 10-Feb-14 08:33:31

oh, and Thumb's in Australia I think, so perhaps they do inject their chickens? [too early for sentences such as that]

Seri77 Mon 10-Feb-14 08:33:37

Down 1.5lb since last weigh in, even though it's TOTM. I don't feel too bloated though and my remaining muffin top has gone really squishy. Hope that means its on its way out.

Please I was at a friends house yesterday and asked if her hall mirror was a skinny one as I looked slimmer than expected. She said it wasn't but I have my doubts. My reflection this morning in the patio windows didn't look as good.

Nothing to suggest about exercise as I'm not doing any at the moment. Hope to add that in towards the end of Bootcamp. I've got Fast Exercise to read.

captainmummy Mon 10-Feb-14 08:38:58

BIWI - how about asking for a 'big stick' emoticon? grin I
n my mind it looks like the club from the Flintstones...

(rather than a cane, which could be abused on other threads. Actually, maybe it should be Bootcamp only?) grin

ChesterDrawers Mon 10-Feb-14 08:39:45

C&P'd from the week 4 thread [grin[


Delighted to report a 4.2lb loss this week. Huge thanks and flowers to everyone for their support during my unceremonious wobble last week.

Tough day ahead due to no sleep cos of temperaturing DS. Poor thing is not well so day off for him. Just waiting to see if he can go to DGMs otherwise I'll have to take the day off too.

Don't have a plan food wise <dangerous>but will try to keep it low on dairy again.

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