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I have purchased my first food processor. Now what?

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Lighthousekeeping Tue 28-Jan-14 12:23:04

I don't know where to start grin I really feel like a spicy curry and rice tonight. I have cauliflower in and spinach. Loads of spices. Any suggestions? I don't want it to end up being an ornament.

toomuchicecream Tue 28-Jan-14 12:42:33

Cauliflower rice for definite.

While I've got the grating disk out (wel before the rice usually) I grate the onion, celery, courgette, carrot or whichever veg I'm using as a base and want to hide from DS.

Cutting blade fab for making celeriac mash once its been roasted with garlic - just add plenty of cream and butter. Yum yum yum (drooling into salad at the thought...)

LittleMissDisorganized Tue 28-Jan-14 14:18:35

Cauliflower mash - needs whizzing really well with the cutting blade with a glug of cream, at least it does if you like it smooth, as I do, then back into the pan to keep warm

If it's got a blender attachment you can make Bulletproof coffee - if you're into that, I keep meaning to have another try.

I'll keep thinking - I've not used mine loads on Bootcamp tbh - the mixer part used to get regular baking use but not recently.

HeirToTheIronThrone Tue 28-Jan-14 14:20:46

Have you got the slicey attachment (technical word!) I use that a lot for whizzing up celeriac and swede for dauphinoise and tartiflette etc, much quicker than trying to chop into lots of thin slices.

LittleMissDisorganized Sun 02-Feb-14 11:40:08

Almond puff pancakes - awesome and quick if you have beaters?
BPC if that's your thing.
Guacamole?? and other dippy things.

I'll keep thinking!

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