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Meedhupparu Maldives with 2,5 y old?

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AVW08 Tue 06-Jul-10 16:57:32

Hi to all, we are thinking of going to Maldives in November and taking our 2,5 y old with us to the Meedhupparu island.. so unsure about such a long haul flight, sea plane transfer and the island itself.. anyone can share any experience please?

PDR Sat 10-Jul-10 17:54:29

Having been to Maldives in May (without DC), I personally wouldn't take my 2yr old there as it would be a disaster but it entirely depends on your child!

The flight is long - 10hrs then a short drive to te seaplane terminal, then about 1hrs wait and however long the seaplane takes to your island.

There were plenty of families on our island with children ranging from 6 months to 16 and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. A few families were in groups which seemed to work out well as one adult stayed at the pool witht the kids and the others could go to the spa/snorkelling/diving etc.

Also depends why you want to go to the Maldives - for us we wanted to relax, go snorkelling, spa, etc which would be hard with a 2.5yr old in tow!

SandyChick Sat 06-Nov-10 10:08:44

Hello, we've been to meedhuparu. We went in July 2006. I think it's changed management since then.

We didn't have any children then but there were people there with kids of all ages. There wasn't any entertainment as such.

At the time I thought people were mad to take small children but now having a 3 year old we are thinking of going back next year. The travel is the worst part but worth it.

The travel is tough. I think the flight was around 13. We land at male which is tiny. Basicaly the whole plane emptied and cued to get through passport control which took ages. You then collect your cases and wait outside for directions to your mini bus so take you the 10 minute journey to the 'jetty' for your sea plane. We didn't have a long wait. It was about about 30 mins on sea plane to hotel.

Compared to other all inclusive resorts in carribean etc I would say it's basic but that's the Maldives style.

The dining set up wasn't good. Everyone shares with others. Your given a table for your whole stay where you eat all of your meals. Myself & dh had to share a table with a couple on honeymoon- awkward!

Food was good but always buffet style and some people were complaining that here wasn't enough variety. I would agree but it was still nice.

The island itself is beautiful. White sand and amazing blue water.

There's not alot to do apart from sunbath and dive really.

Feel free to ask any questions smile

morticiaoverseas Sat 06-Nov-10 18:30:32

Been to the Maldives three times, twice at Easter and once at Christmas. Last few times I went DD was 5 months then just over a year and had a fab time. We stayed at Bandos Island resort and spa and would highly recommend for kids for several reasons. Firstly, it is the closest island to Male (airport) so no long tranfers by boat or seaplane, just a 20 minute transfer. It has a medical centre which I think is important when you have kids and also has a free kids club which is open (I think) from 8am to 5pm and they offer babysitting in the evening. Am trying to persuade DH to let us go again but he doesn't normally like to return to the same place.

Hersetta Thu 11-Nov-10 10:55:50

I think it all depends on your child. You know them best, do you think they could handle the long flight? How long have they flown for before and did they handle it well?

We've been to the Maldives 4 times (all pre DD)but have recently booked to go back in the Spring of next year when she will be 3.9.She has previouly been fine on 6.5hr flights so are taking the plunge. She is incredibly excited about going. She tells anyone who will listen that we are going to Lily Beach and will get there on a plane that lands on the water and that Mummy will teach her how to snorkel and she will see fruit bats, crabs, big fish and little fish.

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