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Independant travel in Sri lanka? Anyone?

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PeggysEvilTwin Thu 11-Feb-10 22:12:53

Can anyone help me? Have just been watching that fishing programme with robson green from Sri lanka. He was a bit of a nob, needless to say, but Sri lanka looks BEAUTIFUL. Me and dh are well used to independant travel, and ds took his first trip to Asia with us last year. Not looking for the 5star all inclusive type trip, but guesthouses, lodges etc. Who on here has done it? Is it easy to travel there? Any nice tips you can give me would be appreciated. Ta muchly.

jenniferturkington Sat 13-Feb-10 14:29:32

I went to Sri Lanka a couple of years ago with DH and DS who was then 10 months. We had an amazing time, ds was doted on everywhere we went. We travelled independently in that we planned it ourselves, booked four different accommodations for a 2 week stay and booked flights separately. We did use a company called 'Red dot tours' who provided a driver/car for getting around. This was reasonably priced and proved to really make our holiday special. Our driver ended up being more like a personal tour guide, and although we chose where to go each day he certainly had his say!
Off hand I can't remember the names of our hotels, I will check back later to see if you are following this thread still and post then!
Go for it though, we had an amazing trip andhave always said we will go back one day.

PeggysEvilTwin Sun 14-Feb-10 15:35:56

Thanks for that jennifer, really helpfull. Will hire a driver, think. Easier than public transport with ds. Took him to nepal last year and he wAs fussed over so much, they were amazed by his blonde curly hair. Want something a little more laid-back this time, so any sugestions of places to visit/stay, gratefully recieved.

moondog Wed 17-Feb-10 00:20:42

Easy peasy.
A lovely lovely place.
I bought a Lonely Planet, planned a vague route (they suggest good itineries dependent on your time) and we booked flights and the first two nights, then drifted as mood too kus ofr a few weeks.
Didn't need same driver-each place found us somewhere to take us to the nest.
Lovley lovely lovely.
Dd was about 2 at the time.

CubieJay Sun 22-May-11 08:50:41

Really easy place to travel around (like moondog, we just found taxi's through the guesthouses, and easy to get a taxi at the airport). We also took trains which are a great way of seeing local life - but that was pre-baby days! Might just stick to taxi's now...
Beautiful beaches, wonderful hill country and impressive cultural sites (some of these might not be great with a baby, eg: Sigiriya, which is a real trek). Couldn't recommend it more.
Loved the Mount Lavinia Hotel near Colombo - a real old-style Colonial hotel (nothing like the all-inclusive resorts) for a couple of nights. Unawatuna beach is great - lovely fresh fish!
Hoping to go back in September, when our baby will be 6 months. Just need to check out the malaria issue.

MurphyWasAnOptimist Mon 30-May-11 23:14:14

DH and I went there for our honeymoon (pre kids). I'd been there previously (in the middle of the civil war - the place was empty of tourists then!) and had loved it. We both had a fantastic time. Lots of lovely guesthouses (apart from Colombo where we ended up staying in fancy hotel as guesthouse was full of cockroaches and I was unwell!) .

We also took trains and buses to get around - with varying degrees of comfort. Trains would be fine with kids, some of the bus trips less so. We loved Kandy with the lake, the botanical gardens and the monastery (and all the monkeys!). The elephant orpahanage isn't too far iirc which would be fab for kids. The hill country was also good fun, oh, and Sirigiya - simply fabulous.

Only place we weren't too keen on was Galle but then we continued down the coast and found a lovely quiet resort on the coast for a couple of days (forget the name, it was 9 years ago).

Have a great time - am very envy

HazeltheMcWitch Mon 30-May-11 23:23:47

Oooh, I have been there twice, once one my own when the war was officially raging.

I loved it, and so went back! Really really friendly; most people speak very good english which helps as my tamil and sinhalese is limited to hello/please/thanks. But even this is a lot more than most tourists... Pleeeease learn just the basics!

Anyway, I digress. AMAZING food, lovely people, Sri Lanka has loads to offer - beachy, surfy small towns, ancient history, fab wildlife, chic towns. I loved Galle, although I see Murphy did not. Colombo I'd just visit in passing. The elephant orphanage is a no-brainer, and not too far from airport. For the rest - it really depends what you fancy...

I have both hired the same driver for the whole trip, and not - ie figured out each trip as I went along. It is more the norm to hire an retain a driver, but both easy. Roads a bit scary, I'd really not want to be driving myself.

Def go! I think the tourism industry has been decimated since the war and the tsunami. People will be very glad to see you, and you'll have a fab time.

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