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Mumbai Airport - International to Domestic terminal

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Drayford Tue 10-Nov-09 10:37:29

Does anyone know how long it takes to transfer from Mumbai International to the Domestic terminal - I gather there's a shuttle bus, but wondering whether I will be cutting it fine with transfers?

Also, is there a good restaurant at Mumbai airport??

happysmiley Tue 10-Nov-09 14:09:18

There is a shuttle bus but we didn't use it because like you we thought we'd be short of time. Instead took a taxi and that took about 20 min. But trying to find a driver that would take us was quite traumatic (not enough cash it for them) so may have been better on the bus.

Re restaurants, at the domestic terminal remember there was a place we got drinks and a snack, but no decent restaurants that we saw. In the international, we didn't eat but there were plenty of places and some looked quite good. But can't remember if these places were before or after check-in.

Drayford Tue 10-Nov-09 17:42:20

Thanks happysmiley

I'm rather dreading the transfer as I will have my mother with me who is the world's worst traveller. I think we'll take the bus!

We've got seven hours at Mumbai on the way back so I'm sure we'll find somewhere good to eat!

happysmiley Wed 11-Nov-09 14:46:44

Just you and your mum, or will you have others with you too?

It really wasn't as bad as we expected and the staff were quite helpful with giving information about the bus service.

We had a lots of time in Mumbai one way and we got a taxi into town and did a quick tour of the city. I've been a few times and vaguely remember where I'm going but even if you don't with a decent taxi driver you should be fine. DH hadn't been before, except a flying visit for work, so he enjoyed it and it was better than wasting a day of our holiday at the airport.

Drayford Wed 11-Nov-09 18:35:02

Just me and mum (OMG!) I'm taking her to Goa for a few days rest & relaxation and hopeful (if it stops raining in Western India) a bit of sunshine and some serious shopping! She's well travelled but used to going from point to point by charter or with a private guide so a bit green when it comes to international transfers.

I'll look into going into Mumbai, I've visited before on business but Mum might like the trip. Depends how early we can check our luggage in really. But thanks for the suggestion. smile

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