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Breastfeeding and Emirates/Dubai?

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newmenewname Tue 10-Nov-09 01:45:47

Going to be travelling soon and was wondering if there are any issues about breastfeeding on the plane/at the airport I should be aware of?

Also I do not have a bassinet for second leg (19 hr flight to Oz) any ideas whether I am likely to get one? I have been told to ask at the airport!

EldonAve Tue 10-Nov-09 15:00:13

bumping for you

hairygodmother Tue 10-Nov-09 16:04:03

I used to live in the Middle East and to be honest I don't think you'll have any issues at all, if what you're worried about is getting them out in public! You may get a few stares but noone will really object. I frequently saw women covered from head to toe but with their norks out to breastfeed! The only problem with Dubai airport might be finding somewhere quiet to sit to do it, it's usually heaving. Although they have just expanded it so it might be better now. If you have time, I used to go upstairs to where the hotel/gym bit was, there was a little lobby area with sofas there which was generally quite quiet.

I remember flying home once on my own with dd1, I had a bulkhead seat and I was the only woman in the whole row of 9 people. Noone batted an eyelid when I fed her.

hairygodmother Tue 10-Nov-09 16:05:58

Sorry, only just seen the second half of your post. Don't know what to suggest except maybe to keep pestering them, ringing them, make sure they don't forget that you want one if one becomes available. Hope you're lucky and get one smile

abitlostandconfused Wed 11-Nov-09 02:34:42

Have you not got one because the others are already booked? You can pre-book them so if not, I'd get back on the phone.

mamakoukla Wed 11-Nov-09 03:16:25

Not sure how old DC you are BF is but a sling could come in handy if still fairly young. The small airline pillows - tuck a couple on the armrest and underneath your supporting arm to lean on. I always preferred a window seat (normally I'd go for aisle) as didn't want DD getting banged by people/trolleys. And bassinets are normally pre-booked esp. as can sometimes be in ghigh demand. We never managed to get one on a longhaul but hope you do as I was always a bit envy

HappyBump Wed 11-Nov-09 04:49:07

I live in Dubai and have flown Emirates many times. BF on the plane will not be an issue at all, extra pillow suggestion is a good one!

If you are flying Emirates you should arrive in the new terminal in Dubai and although it will be busy like any airport you should be able to find somewhere to bf (discreetly) with out too many problems. There are often chairs in the baby change areas near the toilets if you it were to make you feel more comfortable. I have fed in the airport and coffee shops/malls/etc all over Dubai with out attracting any unwanted attention. As others have said the covered ladies also bf in public too as under Islam bf is encouraged up to the age of 2.

As the others have said keep trying to get them to book you a bassinet. Sometimes they will only do it at the gate because they want to check the size of the baby. I have found the Emirates bassinets pretty good and overall the staff to be mostly helpful. I hope you manage to get one as will really help you to free your hands up. I have also used a sling when traveling and I felt it was invaluable.

Good luck!

mumofsatan Wed 11-Nov-09 12:10:31

Hi, I live in the Middle East and when DD (now 3) was a baby flew 16 times with Emirates in her first year and now with DS have flown with them 4 times since Easter.
I am b/f and have always b/f on flights, particularly take off and landing to help ease the pressure on their ears. LO will be on your lap anyway for take off and landing and it is quite easy to do it without drawing too much attention to yourself. Use a blanket if you are worried.

Like happybump says, new terminal is fab and when we were there we went to the nice pub (the Hub?) and I b/f there with no problems.

Would definitely check the situation ref the bassinet. At easter we'd booked and confirmed several times, including the morning of our flight. When we checked in (flying short haul into Dubai then longhaul out) we were told no bassinets available even though it had been confirmed. After arguing for ages we conceded no bassinet on the short (1 hr 15 mins) flight but were advised to talk to customer services in Dubai about our long haul flight. We then spent an hour or so arguing with them and were told that all the bassinets were booked by families with infants and so there were no spare ones (despite us being told previously it was booked). Funny old thing, on the flight I walked up and down and only one bassinet was in use, the rest of the bulkhead seats were occupied by wasta'd arabs angry
Keep pushing them prior to your departure and check in early. Good luck

lindsaygii Thu 12-Nov-09 21:21:48

I can't say about attitudes (and seems you have good advice anyway) , but when I was pregnant a friend who lives in HK bought me a BF apron thingie.

I've never used it (not bothered about whapping them out, , but basically it's a cloth that fastens round the neck then completely covers your front. The neck part is loose, so you can see inside it very easily, but no-one else can.

You put the baby behind it for total coverage whilst feeding.

The same friend told me that when flying LH with baby to be absolutely pushy as needed to make sure you sit in bulkhead with bassinet. She's done it a few times so is an old hand.

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