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Best way to holiday in Australia with DC?

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chicaguapa Tue 03-Nov-09 20:10:55

We're going to plan a trip to Australia for about 3/4 weeks with DC (8&5yo) so I'm wondering what the best way is? We want to get a good idea of the country to decide if we'd like to move out there so don't want to be tied to one place.

I think we would enjoy the freedom of renting a motorhome, but is that as good as it sounds? We have a few friends over there (Perth, Adelaide & Melbourne) but we would just pop in for a visit rather than use it as free accommodation. Is it easy to find somewhere to park and sleep or would that have to be booked up in advance the same as a hotel anyway?

Also happy to consider hostels etc but again maybe this isn't practical with DC? TBH I'm thinking Rough Guide in one hand and the open road ahead but maybe those days are behind me. grin

chicaguapa Tue 03-Nov-09 20:36:27

Should add that it'll be in the summer hols so during their winter. If that has any bearing on the motorhome idea. Thx.

tilbatilba Sat 07-Nov-09 06:24:35

A motor home is a great way to travel in Aust with kids. There are loads of free camps in WA and also National Parks where you can camp for a minimal amount (approx $5 a family). There are also loads of caravan parks everywhere where you don't have to book ahead.
In 4 weeks you could easily drive from Perth to Sydney and have a great adventure with your age children. We camped for a year around Aust and it really was the way to go with children. Have a look at the Britz website. We saw loads of them on the road...

ScummyMummy Sat 07-Nov-09 06:36:17

Yhis site may be helpful. They have a forum and info pages too.

abitlostandconfused Tue 10-Nov-09 03:49:41

Not to put a dampner on motorhome stuff but it will be pretty cold and wet (if this recent winter is anything to go by) next year.

Perth although was pleasant during the day come 4 pm the temperature dropped like a stone so you'd need winter woolies plus try and imagine a motorhome with wet clothes - you'd possibly be spending part of your day trying to find laundry facilities to get stuff dry.

Not trying to put you off but giving you the heads up on the weather.

What month are you thinking of? September was really wet and pretty cold here.

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