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singapore flights - how to find cheap ones survivable with kids?

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meysey Tue 03-Nov-09 17:34:44


I want to travel to visit an ageing relative in Singapore next year. Am aiming around school holidays April or July/August.

Are indirect flights too much of a nightmare? Kids 10 and a boisterous 6.

Any tips on airlines?

Should I take kids out of school (with permission) to get much cheaper flights?

Have poked around the main airlines so far and am getting around £700 (April) and £800 (July).

HappyBump Tue 03-Nov-09 17:43:46

I would have thought the most important thing would be the entertainment system offered on the flight and then the length of the flight/stop over ... personally I would pay a little more not to have a stopover but it depends on your budget.

Some of choices:

Singapore Airlines direct often have good deals, great entertainment system

BA direct flights (code share with Qantus) so it depends on the aeroplane what is available

Royal Brunei ... sometimes they do business class flights for the same price as economy.

Emirates Airlines (via Dubai) ... good entertainment

Malaysian Airlines (via KL) ... cheaper

Thai Airways, via Bangkok

some of the websites like expedia do price comparisons ...

Hope that hasn't confused you further!

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 04-Nov-09 09:54:33

I would not personally do a stopover if going to Singapore; best to get that journey all done in one go. Its an overnight flight anyway (take about 10 hours).

Going via Dubai - no!!. Dubai airport is a nasty dump.

BA I think do two flights to Changi; one is the BA11 and the other is BA15. They do codeshare with Qantas but both are BA planes.

I'd book asap as these flights generally are very popular.

meysey Wed 04-Nov-09 20:41:15

Thanks for those tips.... will keep hunting

sunnydelight Thu 05-Nov-09 05:50:09

I got an e-mail recently from Singapore Airlines, I think they have some special offers. Personally (if you can find affordable flights) I would get either the 18.30 or the 10.050pm flight with SA - depending on which one of them is the Airbus 380. The earlier flight is probably better as it will give the kids time to get over the excitement of the whole thing, work out how to use the (excellent) in flight entertainment, maybe watch a movie and have some food, then get some sleep. Hopefully at that stage it will nearly be time to serve breakfast and it will be early afternoon in Singapore so the kids can keep going on adrenalin for a while then have a reasonably early night.

flimflammum Thu 05-Nov-09 06:03:50

I've only ever used Singapore Airlines, who are excellent with younger kids and have a big range of TV and movies on seatback screens. The flight is 12 or 13 hours. If you get the 18.30, especially midweek, you're more likely to find spare seats so be able to spread yourselves out a bit. DH says Malaysian Air have some cheap offers on at the moment, but that might be for flights starting from Singapore.

Snotrocket Thu 05-Nov-09 07:11:18

I think Emirates have good deals but that does mean stopping in Dubai.

I would suggest looking at KLM/Air France as they have cheap flights even in peak holiday periods over the summer. We live in Singapore and MIL is coming just before Christmas and it is much cheaper than most. The stop over in Amsterdam or Paris is generally quite short and if you're not in London can fly to Europe from most regional airports in the UK (MIL flying from Newcastle).

Also would recommend portable DVD player if you have one or can borrow one.

My DS is only 15 months so can't offer too much advice on the traveling with older kids part. We flew direct with Singapore airlines last time we came back to the UK (when he was 8 months) which was great.

Royal Brunei is a 'dry' flight - don't know if I could cope with a 12 hour flight without some alcohol grin

meysey Thu 05-Nov-09 22:04:18

great tips on flight times and dvd player.... thanks... know what you mean snotrocket ;)

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