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AUSTRALIA - inside information please

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Mrsfudgecake Sun 25-Oct-09 21:56:05

Hi there. I am moving to OZ in 6 weeks with 3 yr old and twins, 6 months. I have lots of Q's:

1. I currently use Aptamil formula. Can someone suggest an Aussie formula that is close to this??

2) Is there a Mothercare equivalent in Sydney?

3) Is ther an IKEA equivalent in Sydney?!

4) Anyone put their kid in a Montessori pre-school over ther? Any comments?

5) More specifically, anyone have any recommendations for a pre-school in North Balgowlah, Sydney?


inscotland Mon 26-Oct-09 06:34:59

I've moved to Perth this year so can help with some bits:

Aptamil is not here. My son is taking S26. Bought the first one I saw and thankfully he liked it. It will be trial and error but most of them come in the pre-made cartons (they are really expensive here) so you can give a few a go.

There isn't a mothercare as such in Perth but we do have several large baby stores within about 10 minutes of where I live. Toys R Us also have a massive baby department too - I'd imagine if Perth has these so will Sydney!

IKEA is in Sydney. I highly recommend their highchairs! Don't know why I ever wasted money on the expensive thing I had in the UK!

Can't help with your other things I'm afraid but can tell you childcare is in short supply in Perth as most places are full so get looking as quickly as you can when you are through jetlag.

All the best with your move! We're loving it - your coming just in time for the good weather!

Mrsfudgecake Mon 26-Oct-09 11:06:55


sunnydelight Mon 02-Nov-09 08:10:33

Check out for a list of pre-schools - there are some in the Balgowlah area. I live near one (Turramurra) where they go all the way through primary, I haven't used it though. If you're hoping for a place for 2010 you'd better get your skates on as most decent pre-schools will have waiting lists for next year by now.

Bay Bee Cee No shops in Sydney are probably the closest thing to mothercare here (there's a nice one in Chatswood Chase).

IKEA is at Homebush in Sydney. It's about a 45 minute drive from North Balgowlah. If you're looking for cheap furniture when you arrive (I assume you'll be renting to begin with and everything is unfurnished here) it's worth checking out the shops along the Parramatte Road (that's where you'll find all the second hand car dealers as well). Good luck, Sydney is fab smile

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