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night flight to SE Asia - will change kids into PJs.....what would you wear though for ultimate comfort?

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webchick Sat 03-Oct-09 20:56:52

I've not done a long haul night flight for about 10 years and cannot remember what they are like for sleeping in economy, and how comfortable or not it is.....

I'm taking a 2.5 and 7 year old who'll get into PJs once they're close to crashing out (flight takes off at 6.30pm GMT).

What would you wear though to make sleeping as comfortable as poss? I've a pair of cotton trousers I wear for yoga which I thought would do the trick. Are these flights worth adults changing out of jeans? Will I look a twat?! Not that I care! I know lots of glossy mags say wear cashmere socks and a pashmina etc but I'm not totally geared up for that.

Any top tips gratefully received!

claudialyman Sun 04-Oct-09 01:02:33

soft comfy tracksuit. you are more likely to like envious looks than anything else if you are in cotton trousers. was stunned (by my own lack of foresight) to see the aussies on my overnight flight change into essentially ther PJs while i was stuck in uncomfortable jeans! never made that mistake again. warm sock. did once indulge in a poncho (altho not with the tracksuit!) and was very comfy but had no earthly use for it when i got there, lugging it around subtropical asia!

exexpat Sun 04-Oct-09 01:18:25

You're actually expecting to be able to get some sleep while squeezed into an economy class seat and in charge of two DCs? Good luck... I haven't managed more than 30 mins continuous sleep on any of the dozens of 8 or 12 hour flights I've done with my two...

But to give yourself the best chance, I second claudialyman on the comfy tracksuit, or at least loose-fitting trousers - you'll probably end up climbing over sleeping kids to get to the loo, and curling up in strange positions to make yourself into a pillow for the DCs. Flights always make me bloated - I'm not sure if it's the airline food or the change of pressure - so a loose or elasticated waist feels better than jeans. Layers of t-shirts/long-sleeved tops are good, as cabins always seem to be too hot or too cold. Non-synthetic pashmina or something similar can actually be quite nice to use as your own personal blanket, as the airline ones always seem to be horribly static-prone polyester.

Top tip: make sure your inflight bag has a change of clothes for yourself as well as the DCs. If the DCs get airsick or spill drinks, you can be sure it won't just be over themselves. DD, then aged 5 months, once threw up her feed all over me two hours into a 12 hour flight. And when I'd changed into the spare clothes I'd brought, she did it again... I wasn't smelling nice by the time we landed.

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 00:31:53

loose cotton or linen trousers,longsleeve t-shirt, proper pashmina, silk or cashmere wrap (not synthetic) and thick,but loose fitting, socks are my usual long haul garb earplugs and eye mask (not the airline ones - buy the best you can from from boots) (with DC's or not) plus loads of moisturiser before and after sleep! I really don't care what I look or smell like at arrival - and I really don't think other people do either! - just so long as I can get to a shower within a couple of hours!

When I was travelling with DC when they were little I always carried an extra t shirt for me and at least 1 each for them!

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