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OK... we fly to Sydney from Glasgow via Dubai on friday........

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Paranoid1stTimer Mon 21-Sep-09 21:51:32


We have an 18 month old extremely active DS and have not got organised at all... I have poured over all the threads about the flights and how to handle things but now we have realised it is only a matter of days before we fly out, we have realised we have no idea what we are doing.

Can you please PLEASE give us tips on what to pack and what to take on the plane. We have a stopover of 10 hrs and are getting to stay in Emirates hotel in Dubai until the connecting flight so will need a change of clothes in our hand luggage.

We also need to try to get a bottle of Piriton on board since LO is egg allergic but not to the point where the GP will get involved so no GP letter available. Should we just decant into a 100ml bottle? It is really just in case LO has a reaction.

We have bought LO ITNG colouring pads with the water fillable pen so he can colour in without drawing on the walls or eating the crayons (as he loves to do at home) and will be buying a sticker book. He loves to look through and tear up magazines so the in flight mag will prob take up some time.

On the return flights, we have only 2 hrs to get from landing in Dubai to leaving for Glasgow so wil be more of a mad dash there...

Thanks in advance for any help on this one. I have read all the stuff about bringing change of clothes for during the flight as well but hand luggage is limited.

Also, we fly with Emirates and have heard mixed reports on line but great reports in RL so how do we get on the good sideof the stewards/stewardesses????

Thanks again for any help and apologies for the long post but I am a serial waffler....

geordieminx Mon 21-Sep-09 22:02:26

Longest flight we have done is 4 1/2 hours but here are my tips:

Lots of snacks - if you can be arsed, wrap them up, make them exciting. Raisins, bread sticks, fruit, etc. Few wee treats.

Get thee to £ shop or instore, buy as many pieces of crap that you can get your hands on, little cars, stickers, plastacine, doesnt even necessarily be "toys" as such - I remember ds playing with a couple of plastic balls threaded onto a shoe lace for ages. Put them all into an old make-up/toiltries bag. Even things like pegs/old mobile phone/a roll of selotape will provide a good 10 minutes of entertainment. - Again, if you can be bothered wrap them up - it'll make them seem more interesting.

If you can afford to, go to asda/argos and buy a portable dvd player - £50??? Its one of the best things we have bought - along with cbeebies dvds. - Ideal for quiet time/getting off to sleep if nothing else?

Also - as I do with any journey, split it into segments of say 1/2 hour - its much more managable - first 1/2 have a look around, then have a 1/2 hour picnic, then some games, then dvd, repeat as necessary?

Take a familiar blanket, a spare change of clothes for you both, and plenty of wipes/nappies. Depending on times of flights is it worth putting ds into pj's? Dont worry about style - dress in comfortable clothes.

Dont expect to have any time to read/chill out, but remember it is only defined amount of time, it will pass and you will be in Sydney before you know it.

geordieminx Mon 21-Sep-09 22:03:46

If space is limited, wear a t-shirt with a vest underneath, then you can take off t-shirt when if it gets dirty. grin

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