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Flying UK to Australia / NZ with 7 month old and 2.4 year old? Crazy? Or do-able?

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ilikeyoursleeves Fri 18-Sep-09 21:39:40

I am on mat leave possibly for the last time so we are thinking of going on a holiday to Oz &/or NZ while I don't need to worry about booking annual leave etc. We are thinking early next year, when DS1 will be 2.4 years old and DS2 will be 7 months old.

Has anyone flown very long haul with little kids / babies? Is it worth it?


tadjennyp Fri 18-Sep-09 22:24:14

I flew from UK to west coast of USA with my dh when the dcs were almost 2 and 4 months old. That involved one stop and was fine. I flew out about four months later when we came out to live here on my own with them and just flew direct to Seattle and made him pick me up. That was more hard work tbh.

This January I flew back to the UK on my own with them again, this time almost 3 and 16 months with a long layover in Amsterdam and it was really hard work. It was worse flying back as we changed in the States, had to go through customs etc. Dreadful!

However, it is only 1-2 days out of your life. Nightmarish as it can be, what you get out of the trip as a whole will be amazing and I would say go for it. Particularly if there will be two of you to entertain the dcs. Pack those magic drawing mats, mini colouring books, stickers and snacks so they have something familiar to entertain and pacifiy them. You will be fine! smile

Catper33 Sat 19-Sep-09 10:23:22

We live in NZ and returned to the UK (with stopovers in Oz) a few months ago with ds 2.2 and dd 7 months. The flights were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. DS watched the portable dvd player we took and the entertainment on board along with a few other toys etc and dd slept or played. We chose to fly BA as they are good with children and have a Britax seat that goes in the bassinet position. This is suitable for older babies and was great for our dd. Although she was very small the bassinet would have been a bit on the tight size.

It's over before you know it and it really isn't that bad. Australia and NZ are great places with children. Enjoy your trip.

Drayford Sun 20-Sep-09 02:59:52

You might consider stopping over singapore airport for a few hours(if your schedule allows) as Changi has a great rooftop pool and if you wanted a night the airport hotel is not bad either!

Long Haul is worse when you have 2 toddlers - you'll manage fine with 1 immobile DS and there is 2 of you to take care of them!

Have you flown with both of them before? You may need to feed baby DS (or have him suck on a dummy or finger) when you are descending (particularly if you stop over in HK or Bangkok - as the descent is rather rapid) to avoid earache!

PS: poor you tadjennyp having to go through the nightmarish and unfriendly american immigration and customs on your own with DC - I find it bad enough on my own! You deserve a medal!

tadjennyp Mon 21-Sep-09 05:38:44

Thanks Drayford grin

mrscactus Sat 03-Oct-09 11:11:49

Hi ilikeyoursleeves,
we're planning to do the same - making the most of maternity leave- at the start of next year with DS2; 9 months old and DS1;a 2 yrs 9 month old.
We went when DS1 was 9 months too.
I agree re Singapore Aiport; the swimming pool is great. In fact we actually considered paying the extra for a more expensive flight to go that way again this time - but decided to save money instead. So we're going via Hong Kong - apparently has a big children's play area at the airport.
Going to take a portable DVD and am considering a trunki. Might pack his scooter for out there too. Plan to hope for sleep on first leg, run DS1 ragged at HK airport and hope for the best for 2nd leg of journey!!
Perhaps we'll see you out there! Where are you going?
I thoroughly recommend using a campervan - not cheap but so much easier if you're travelling round than unopacking and repacking all the stuff all the time.

skinsl Wed 28-Oct-09 18:56:59

go! definitely!
try and book the flights for nap times or nighttime.
for entertaining the toddler, get lots of little small things, stickers and character cards like Peppa pig or animals. DVD player definitely , although Emirates and BA have great kids channels.
Backpacks for bags so hands are free.

get that front seat with the drop down cot/bassinet

mellifluouscauliflower Wed 28-Oct-09 19:11:35

My only advice is:-
1)don't go via LA, go via HK or Singapore
2) don't do a stopover: DS1 might refuse to get on the plane again
3) The flights do get very booked up. People tend to book a long time in advance.

Just expect the worse and console yourself that it can't be worse than childbirth and you got through that!

Go for it, you will never regret it.

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