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long flight when 28 weeks pregnant with toddler I mad??

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cyphercat Mon 14-Sep-09 21:32:26

I got the tickets three days ago as I really wanted to go visit my parents with my little one. But now I'm getting paranoid if I catch swine flu when I'm traveling and would I be able to handle I mad?? Please tell me I'll be all right

mumblecrumble Tue 15-Sep-09 18:36:15

It will be hard. But it will be SOOOOO worth it!!!!!!

Where are you going? DOn't worry about swine flu!!!!

mumoverseas Wed 16-Sep-09 07:34:13

well, just a little mad grin
Just make sure you check with their airline first with regards to their requirements. Most will require a letter from your gp/midwife confirming how many weeks you are and if you don't have it, they may refuse to let you fly. Might be sensible to check your travel insurance too to make sure you are covered for any pregnancy related problems.

You are more at risk when pregnant of a dvt so make sure you move around lots, drink lots of water and also, I'd recommend you buy some of those really sexy stockings they sell in places such as boots to avoid the risk of dvt.

I've flown long haul a few times when pregnant and it was ok but it obviously will be tiring for you with your todder. I'd take a folding buggy so you will have that up to the door of the plane so you won't have to carry too much and if your lucky (depending on their airline) they will hopefully give it back to you at the door of the plane on arrival but you need to request this at check in and again when you leave it when boarding.

Good luck

cyphercat Wed 16-Sep-09 22:19:40

thank you. I have asthma as well and my little one is only 2 so I just feel SOOO responsible. would be lovely to see my parents though...Thank you for making me feel better and I'll definitely check the buggy situation.

Parrotcake Tue 29-Sep-09 19:18:16

Im flying to Oz in a couple of weeks with a 2.5yo toddler and I'll be 31 weeks. I reserved an aisle seat and am just hoping for the best!!

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