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seaside break after orlando, where to go after the madness

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ihatethecold Sun 13-Sep-09 12:45:19

really want to go to orlando next year with the kids, but would like to include a seaside break within driving distance of orlando for a few days , maybe 5.
anyone know of anywhere nice. thanks

LIZS Sun 13-Sep-09 12:54:21

We went to Captiva Island (pre dc) which was idyllic , relaxing but probably a bit too far for a few days with dc( abotu half a day's drive iirc). It is off the coast near Naples. Otherwise how about Cocoa Beach (I think it is ) near the Space Centre.

Drayford Sun 13-Sep-09 15:08:19

I agree with LIZS - Captiva (& Sanibel) is lovely (bit like the Hamptons only warmer and less windy!) and there's lovely beaches, food, kayaking, cycling etc.

It took us about 2 to 3 hours to drive from Disney which wasn't too bad as we had a good lunch stop with the DC - then 6 and 8. We flew home from Miami though but I can't remember why now - maybe the drive was easier from Captiva/Sanibel to there.

ihatethecold Sun 13-Sep-09 15:12:59

they sound lovely, do you think it would be nice just before xmas, or too chilly to enjoy being near the sea

Kbear Sun 13-Sep-09 15:16:41

Cocoa Beach - the sand is very sharp, like broken shells and the waves can be "rowdy" as they say in the US! We went there last year and I'm sure there are more idyllic places to go on the Gulf Coast. Great for watch a shuttle launch though!

ihatethecold Sun 13-Sep-09 17:47:11

thanks kbear, maybe go to the west coast, dont fancy sharp sand

oldraver Sun 13-Sep-09 22:12:17

If your going in the winter definitely go to the Gulf Coast.

mumoverseas Mon 14-Sep-09 13:25:08

Tampa/St Petersburg, closer to Orlando,just an hour or so down the I4

cheapskatemum Mon 14-Sep-09 20:30:27

IMHO Sanibel/Captiva much nicer than Clearwater/St Pete's Beach. It's usually lovely there at Christmas, but can be cool and there's not much to do there if the weather's not up to much. How much before Christmas were you thinking of? Because Christmas is peak season there (very popular with Canadians & Americans from northern states), which makes it a) expensive and b) booked up early!

cheapskatemum Mon 14-Sep-09 20:37:06

Oh and both Orlando & Miami are easy to drive to from Sanibel/Captiva: I75(N) then I4 to Orlando, I75(S, then E), nicknamed Alligator Alley to Miami. We also love Cocoa Beach/Merritt Island/Cape Canaveral, but I agree, you probably wouldn't be going in the sea there in winter.

BrigitBigKnickers Mon 14-Sep-09 21:54:03

Naples is lovely (about 3 hour drive) and the Bradenton area (about an hour and a half away) is also lovely especially Anna Maria Island.

ihatethecold Tue 15-Sep-09 18:17:35

ooh theres some lovely ideas here , im already getting confused.
i think we will go before xmas and poss be back before Xmas day or should we wait until easter for warmer weather. a friend told me its warm enough to swim in DEC, were they tellin porkies??hmm

mumoverseas Wed 16-Sep-09 05:46:54

hmm ref swimming in the sea at christmas. A heated pool would be ok though.

easter is lovely but very busy and the flights will be a lot more expensive.

Are you tied to school holidays? If so easter holidays will be busy as its a very popular time to go and you might find that you won't be able to get the dates you want on flights as they book very quickly and the price goes up nearer the time. Most people I know book 11 months before, as soon as the flights are released by the airlines.

ihatethecold Thu 17-Sep-09 06:27:51

i am going to book 11 months in advance, i wont be going next easter, need to save up first,
was thinking xmas 2010 or easter 2011 and we are tied to the hols although i would think about tagging a week on the end of a half term or something.
do you live in the US mumoverseas? is feb cold?
i know here its prob colder than dec!

mumoverseas Thu 17-Sep-09 17:13:59

No, I don't live in the USA ihatethecold, actually I live in Saudi Arabia. I do have a house in Florida so go there whenever I can escape from here. I wouldn't say February is cold but obviously its not going to be swimming in the sea weather (as clearly you hate the cold) wink

Easter is lovely and warm but obviously its busier and the flights will be more. I often used to go a few weeks before or after the state school holidays at easter when it was much quieter and cheaper and the weather was really nice. Have often done Oct/Nov but the weather isn't as good then. Not done christmas yet although we keep talking about it. If you are thinking of tagging on a week the May half term would work too if you are able to as lovely weather then. February would be nice but not as warm.

Looking forward to next year, we've decided to do 5 to 6 weeks in September/October so we can be there for DD2's 4th birthday

carriedababi Sun 20-Sep-09 16:31:34

naples is nice but the beach quite shingly

ihatethecold Mon 21-Sep-09 14:40:10

well mos i may go in oct half term and tag a week on one side of it, i get the impression that the hurricane season is all but over and i think it will still be warmish. what do you think. can you recommend a villa or company, there are only 4 of us so nothing

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