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Barbados at Easter

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wonderingwondering Wed 09-Sep-09 17:50:17

Thinking of booking for the two weeks holiday -just seen a pretty poor review of the Almond Beach Village on here. Given we were quoted nearly £12k for the fortnight (2 adults, two under 5's) all inclusive, I'm a bit perturbed by the poor feedback!

We were going for luxury but had looked at the Hilton (about £6k for a room with breakfast and exec lounge with drinks etc) which was a bit closer to the budget I had in mind.

I know it will be busy as it is peak season, but £12k seemed a lot to me! Any other suggestions/recommendations, please? We usually go for decent 4 or 5*, but this is our first school holiday trip so not sure how unrealistic as to price I am being? And how expensive is eating out in Barbados? An extra £6k for All Inc seems a lot, esp as my two children generally share a meal.

Drayford Mon 14-Sep-09 22:40:02

Which operator was that with ww?

You could try booking direct (and haggling a bit) with the hotel and booking flights separately. I've just managed to get a good deal on flights to Antigua for easter @ £515 each with BA (my DC's now count as adults)and then onwards to Nevis for £105 each. If we'd booked with Virgin Holidays or the like - the almost identical trip we are taking would cost about £2.5K per person!!!!

If you are clever with booking, flying scheduled out on a Sunday or Monday is often cheaper than other times.

MollieO Mon 14-Sep-09 22:47:11

Unless you are keen to stay in a hotel I would rent a villa. It will be cheaper and lots come with a daily housekeeper and you'll have your own pool. Eating out is similar to London/SE in my experience. The best thing is how child friendly it is.

I would also stay on the West Coast with small children, beaches and sea are nicer than the South Coast.

carriedababi Sun 20-Sep-09 16:33:56

i would reccomend eatting at the cliff.

carriedababi Sun 20-Sep-09 16:35:29


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