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dvd players on flights

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Cocobabe Tue 08-Sep-09 22:26:04

Hiya , read that lots of you mentioned taking a portable dvd player on long haul flights for kids - we're planning a trip down under with 2 kids ..dont dvd players have a battery life up to 4 hrs ?? i take it you cant plug into seat ?...(sorry if it sounds a stupid question [blush...

squeaver Tue 08-Sep-09 22:28:52

You can plug in on some airlines. Some have longer batteries than 4 hours. For some you can buy extra battery packs.

Even if it's only 4 hours it's worth it. If you do a stopover en route you can recharge there, then it's 4 hours of a 10/12 hour flight.

nappyaddict Wed 14-Oct-09 01:29:56

I've seen them with a battery life of about 5 hours.

DadInsteadofMum Wed 14-Oct-09 17:02:54

Extra battery backs.

But allowing for take off and landing when you are not allowed to use them, eating when it is impossible to use them and the fact that the kids will do other things and not watch them non-stop then four hours is actually quite a long time.

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