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Thailand with an 18month and 4 year old

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TheNewtons Sat 05-Sep-09 20:45:10

Hi - we're planning a holiday to Phuket next April with an 18 month and 4 year old - what can anyone tell us about their experience/ vaccinations/ the heat etc...

angel1976 Sun 06-Sep-09 14:04:16

I went to Phuket with DS who was 7 months at the time. We stayed at the Movenpick Hotel and it was fab. Got one of those one-bedroom villas and it had a sliding door separating the living area and bedroom, which was great for putting DS to sleep while we could watch TV etc in the living area. The breakfast was really fab (lots of fresh bread, mini baked goods like croissants, muesli + yoghurt and fruit) as well and the staff were great with the mess DS made and also made us fresh blended food to take with us for the day at no extra charge. Karon Beach is also a quieter beach than Patong but only a short tuk tuk ride away. Be careful about swimming in the sea there though, every year, there's incidents of tourists drowning as they don't realise how treacherous the sea can be. We stuck with the swimming pool mostly and my DS loved it.

I lived in SE Asia my whole life and I think with Phuket, you are okay not to have any vaccinations. It's North Thailand you have to be careful about with regards to malaria etc. The heat is very oppressive. We had a pushchair but hardly used it as DS baked in it. We took him around in an Ergo carrier instead. A lot of restaurants also don't do highchairs, they will bring you a chair that is high but no straps or nothing! We had to tie DS with a tablecloth to a highchair many times! Since your younger one is 18 months, maybe take one of those cloth seat things, will make your life a lot easier!

The Thais love children and are very accommodating. Because DS was quite little and only just started weaning, they were quite happy to bring him a baked potato for free or a very small charge when we ate in restaurants. Also, no one takes car seats seriously there. You have to be prepared to hold your little ones while riding in public transport. We took DS on the tuk tuk a couple of times and you can imagine how 'hairy' that can be sometimes! We had a brilliant time though so enjoy! Any other questions, just ask!

ninedragons Sun 06-Sep-09 14:19:05

Phuket will be absolutely fine. No malaria, encephalitis etc, very very very little dengue (which you can't immunise against anyway). Your worst problem is likely to be a slight touch of sunburn.

I have never had a problem with the heat there but I am a tropical bunny, so if you are the sort of person who wilts when it gets above 10'C obviously you will wilt.

ninedragons Sun 06-Sep-09 14:21:04

Agree with angel about road safety, though.

Where are you staying?

TheNewtons Sun 06-Sep-09 15:11:49

We're hoping to stay at Sheraton Grande Laguna (we went there on our Honeymoon). It states family friendly, and we remember the great and winding pool and the lovely beaches. I can't see us leaving the comfort of the hotel much to be honest, so I think we'll be OK on the high chair and pushchair and car transport issues (bar the transfer from the airport I guess). The Movenpick setup with the seperate bedroom/ living room sounds great though - I think we'll be on the patio most nights for our glass of wine (hopefully the 'mozis' will be asleep like the kids!). Thanks for the feedback!
Did anyone consider the peanut oil cooking issue a problem?

angel1976 Sun 06-Sep-09 21:36:44

Don't count on the mozzies being asleep, if anything, they are a lot worse at night... Do consider the sleeping issue though, we recently went to the Maldives and the room we had had a separate open plan living room. Luckily, we had a four poster bed with veils and we found that if we pushed the cot right in the corner and put the veil down, we could watch TV quietly or read in the corner with a light. Our friends who had the room next door, didn't have the poster bed, they had to drape towels around the cot and sit in darkness most nights till their LO went to bed. That, for me when we travel, is always a number one priority!

I have to say the peanut oil issue never bothered me. I believe peanut allergy seems to occur a lot more in Western society. And I gave my DS peanut butter from quite young. Like I said, you could always ask for a baked potato at restaurants if you are really worried. My philosophy is always to try and expose your kids to as big a variety of food as young as possible!

bogwobbit Sun 06-Sep-09 21:50:30

I'm just back from Phuket, although wasn't really there for a holiday. I thought the place was lovely and was surprised at how clean it was, especially compared to India where I went last year.
My main concern about taking young children out there would be the flights but that might just be because I, personally, hate flying. I think next time I do it I'll ask to be tranquilised

starfish15 Tue 20-Oct-09 17:44:02

Hello there, im not sure if i should make a post as im new to this, but im wondering, does anyone know if i really need to immunise my children for a 2 week holiday in phuket? Angel 1967, i totally value your insight into the sleeping arrangements, i was considering a suite for the four of us (my kids are 20 months and 3) but now im going to look into interconnecting rooms as i dont fancy sitting in silence in the dark all evening! my son hasnt had his mmr (long story.. mil very strongly opinionated about the issue, very against mmr) so im in real confusion about travel imms. any advice anyone??

3littlefrogs Tue 20-Oct-09 17:49:53

IMO hep A and typhoid are important. You really should get advice from your travel clinic. I don't think they immunise under 2s for hep A, but I would strongly advice seeing a qualified person asap.

sarah293 Tue 20-Oct-09 17:55:59

Message withdrawn

starfish15 Tue 20-Oct-09 18:23:23

We are going for a wedding, i know, its a long way but sister is getting married and we have been gifted a flight upgrade to business class (!!) so im hoping that the flight isnt too traumatic, ive never ever flown anything but cattle class so im looking forward to it (if you can look forward top flying with two toddlers!) .my kids are used to hot climates as we spend a lot of time in greece but yes i do appreciate your comments Riven, i wish my sister was getting married closer, its been the topic of many a heated discussion with all of the family !!!!

3littlefrogs, thank you, its what i was thinking hep a and typhoid but i have a call back scheduled from nhs direct tomorrow, so im hoping to get proper advice on this although they can be a bit over precautionary dont you think?

any one been know any good hotels close to kata noi beach by any chance??

sarah293 Tue 20-Oct-09 18:48:25

Message withdrawn

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