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Flying to Nebraska alone with 4 month old. Changeover in Chicago - tips please!

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FabFrench Sat 05-Sep-09 14:03:54

I am off to see my best friend in Nebraska in 3 weeks! Very excited, but never flown with baby - don't want to reinvent the wheel, what do people suggest? He is at the moment entirely breastfed, but is a big boy, and very hungry. Hoping not to introduce any solids until return, so hopefully feeding won't be an issue. Mainly concerned with things like getting on and off the plane, and what to take on plane with me. Also wanting to know about people's experiences of baby jetlag...advice and tips please!

malfoy Sat 05-Sep-09 14:12:20

I just wanted to say that 4 months is a lovely age to travel, esp if breastfed, that makes it so much easier.

The only advice I can think of is to travel with both a buggy and a sling so you have both options and book a basinette position on the plane if available.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 06-Sep-09 11:19:49


Would also use a buggy (this will be taken off you at the departure gate) and also tie something cheap and cheerful onto it for easier identification.

Do not be afraid to ask for help if needed.

I take it as read that you've completed the ESTA (the online electronic authorisation for entry into the US) for both of you.

Chicago is a big airport, you must have a clear idea in advance where you need to go after clearing US Immigration and customs. This is particularly the case if you are arriving into one terminal and departing from a separate terminal on the same day (which is likely the case with your own selves). I hope you have left plenty of times between planes if this is the case as well.

ib Sun 06-Sep-09 11:27:26

I would also recommend a sling - ds was happily bf all the way through a 12 hr flight and was never happier! Walking him in the sling in the airport also good.

Definitely make sure you are bf at takeoff and landing - even if he was asleep. It will help him equalize the pressure and stop him from getting earache.

FabFrench Sun 06-Sep-09 20:55:54

Thanks all! Like the idea of a ribbon on the buggy - especially since I am borrowing a friend's Maclaren, and prob won't recognise it anyway!
Attila - you make me nervous about Chicago, but I will heed your warning. As it's a BA flight, they have scheduled the connection (I think about 6hrs) so should be fine...Is ESTA the same as the visa waiver?
Hoping so...

oldraver Wed 09-Sep-09 00:02:03

Chicago is a very big airport to negotiate (and take it you will go through customs/immigration here) though from what I recall once you have been 'through' they have a point where you can dump your bags and they will be forwarded onto the connecting flight. We didnt have much time at all and bearing in mind you may have a long walk dont waste time. There are foodie places by the departure gates so get to the gate then if you have spare time you can then do other things

oldraver Wed 09-Sep-09 00:03:32

Oops sorry didnt see the six hours bit soooo walk slowly grin

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 09-Sep-09 07:19:08

ESTA is the electronic version of the US visa waiver scheme. At present you will need to complete both the electronic version as well as the green visa waiver forms (these will be given to you at check in).

A six hour time between connections should be more than ample time to catch the second flight.

The website below is the official website for the ESTA (there are many dodgy ones for ESTA out there who charge you though ESTA is free). If you haven't already completed this online you need to do so asap particularly if you are both British citizens.

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