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NYC with 11 month baby, tips please!

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bebs63 Sat 29-Aug-09 22:57:27

hi there. my husband is running the new york marathon in november, and whilst i have been many times, this time i will be in NYC with my baby, who'll be 11 months old. Any tips on what to do, what to take, what i will need, how to manage the airport and flights etc. would be gratefully received. we are flying virgin premium economy and staying in an apartment on the east side.
thank you!

WobblyPig Sat 29-Aug-09 23:15:47

Nightflights have worked for us. They will naturallly be asleep and will not need as much baby food taken on board.
Are you breastfeeding? cos that helps re: need to get formula and bottles onto plane and with the ear-popping business.
Virgin Premium economy an excellent idea. We found it really helped having that extra space when baby didn't have his own seat.
Booking in online isn't allowed however when travelling with little ones.

They are allowed their own luggage allowance which helps as well.
Do you have a cheap little buggy that you can take? When I first flew with DS I bought a little light-weight cheap one from Mothercare that I didn't mind getting a bit bashed on the way and spared my more expensive, bulkier normal pram.

Sounds silly but practice how you will carry your bags and stuff onto plane.
Main problems I find are with unexpected delays making the waiting around longer.

alarkaspree Sat 29-Aug-09 23:41:42

The formula brands are different in the US so if you are using formula it's probably a good idea to bring your own. Otherwise there's not much you can't get in NYC.

To get from the airport to where you're staying you may want to book a car service that provides an infant seat - this is one. I haven't used it personally but have heard good things about it. Alternatively you can bring your own car seat but I think of flying with a car seat as very hard work. Or a normal taxi will allow you to carry a baby on your lap, but you may not be comfortable with doing that. Or you can get the airtrain/subway combo which is a lot cheaper and takes about the same amount of time as a taxi (if you are coming from JFK). Getting around the city a fairly good number of subway stations have lifts, and I have always found other people very willing to help carry buggies up the stairs. Buses are a pain with buggies because they have to be folded, but if you can use a sling they are a bit more pleasant (but they can be sloooow!). Or taxis if you have a car seat that fits on a buggy.

As for what to do, at 11 months he will be happy enough to fit in with what you want to do mostly, and in November there's a good chance that the weather will be good enough to spend a lot of time in Central Park. Tut there are several children's museums that are great fun, though. The children's museum of manhattan on the upper west side is fabulous for all young children and certainly has stuff to keep an 11 month old occupied. Further afield but a really good day out the Staten Island Children's Museum has a great museum set in a huge park with lots of different gardens, lovely for grownups too, and you get there on the Staten Island Ferry which is fun.

I have rambled a lot - is this the kind of thing you're after? I know other stuff too, probably. Just ask...

alarkaspree Sat 29-Aug-09 23:45:48

Oh also, very important, when you arrive get off the plane as fast as you can and RUN to immigration. Being in premium economy will help with this. You really want to be close to the front of the queue otherwise you could be looking at a wait of 11/2 hours or more. If you find yourself at the back despite your best efforts, try to make your baby cry and they may let you move to the front.

Just a little tip I have picked up wink.

bebs63 Mon 31-Aug-09 22:01:51

hey, thanks for this.... i've jotted the tips down.... will still be breastfeeding so that will at least help a bit!

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