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Looking for long haul destination with kids club for active 2 yr old !

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Vangough Mon 24-Aug-09 16:49:48

I'm going around in circles...DH and myself NEED a holiday in November - I've looked at Almond resorts in Barbados but keep seeing reports the families get shunted down one end of the resort and the rooms are awful. Neilsons only seem to do Egypt (middle of nowhere) Mark Warner - still waiting to hear by email as I refuse to call a company up and pay 11p a minute for the pleasure, especially when the first thing they do is put you on hold !
Thinking the Hilton Mauritius but again bit concerned about some reviews....
What do parents do with kids at night? if you all share a room what do you do from 7pm on if DD is asleep in a cot in your room !!! don't fancy being relegated to the balcony every evening.
Losing the will to ;)

vinblanc Mon 24-Aug-09 16:53:12

Look at this place:

PestoBeachMonster Mon 24-Aug-09 16:55:04

The kids club at the Almond Beach Village in Barbados is fab! You can ask to move rooms if you're not happy with yours (we did and got a great one in the new block with a direct seaview and marble bathroom). Also, whilst he is in it, you can sample the adults only pools up at the other end (which really is only a short stroll away). Highly recommend you use the kids club for the evening pajama parties and movie evenings too, and book yourselves into the adults only air-conditioned a la carte restaurant. An experience not to be missed!

CaurnieBred Mon 07-Sep-09 00:28:20

Club Med have a resort in Thailand that some friends have stayed at and they loved it.

angel1976 Mon 07-Sep-09 09:31:38


We just got back from the Maldives and stayed at Bandos Resort. It was FABULOUS and we loved every minute of it.

Basically we went for the deluxe room option as there is a separate living room area (though it is open plan). Luckily we got a four poster bed with veils (I know not all deluxe rooms have this as our friends had the room next door and they didn't so they had to drape towels around the cot!) so we found that if we pushed the cot to one corner of the room and put down all the veils, 18-month-old DS went to sleep easily (and this is a boy who sleeps in a room on his own with a blackout blind and doesn't like any noise!). The resort is very accommodating so I am sure you can put in a special request for the room with four poster bed. There is also an outside veranda but we never sat outside (due to mozzies!).

The only annoying thing is the TV is in the bedroom bit of the room (instead of the living room) but we could turn it round to face the sitting area. Also, we moved one of the bedside lights to the living room area so we could read after DS had gone to bed.

The kids club is free from 8am-5pm and it is small and not a lot of toys but the staff there are from the Philippines and spoke English rather well. They were very nice as well and I had no qualms about leaving my DS with them (even when he cried quite a bit in the first few days!). They had organised activities for usually the over-3s. I wouldn't leave DS there for the whole day but for a few hours each day. You can also book the same staff for babysitting duties after 5pm for US$10/hour.

We had a really good time at the resort, the staff were really fabulous and loved the children staying there. The chefs and waiters/waitresses never failed to say hi to DS and to make a real fuss out of him. Even when DS made a mess feeding himself, they cleaned up without complain and when we try to clean up, they always tell us to leave the mess and it's not a problem at all. Great variety at every meal and there is a pasta station so DS was happy to eat that most days! They also allow you to take away food if you need it for later on and even provide boxes to do so.

We initially worried about dinner starting at 7.15pm each night (we went all-inclusive) but found out that kids eat free from 5.30-6.30pm at one of the other cafes if you need to eat early. Not much variety though (only like 4 meals to choose from). But our DS was quite happy to stay up (again, at home, he usually has to be in bed by 7/7.30pm before he gets really grouchy!), I think it's just that there's so much going on! We did dinner most nights at 7.15pm, finished by 8/8.15pm and he was in bed just before 9pm.

One last thing, because of the very small time difference (4 hours), DS went straight back into his routine on the first night we got back (we took a day flight on the way back). Any questions, just ask! We booked through Thomson as they had a good deal but all I can say is that thet the Thomson flights were the ONLY rubbish bit of the holiday! Good luck!

Bellsa Mon 07-Sep-09 09:36:41

Neilson is opening a resort in Kenya in November. I want to go...

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