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Jamaica for a week with 2yo and 9mo- mad??!!

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tvfriend Sun 23-Aug-09 10:55:36

Thinking of going to Jamaica for just a week in October with DD who's 2 and DS who's 9 months. Are we mad to consider it?
If you've done the Caribbean with little ones, how was their jetlag?

Rindercella Wed 26-Aug-09 14:48:27

We took DD to Barbados last year when she was 15 months old. The flight was much better than we expected, but then DD behaved beautifully which is something we didn't expect smile

When we got there her sleep was most definitely affected though. She would find it difficult to get herself off to sleep at bedtime and wake a couple of times a night, when she always sleeps 12 hours through every night. As soon as we got home she went back to going straight to sleep and sleeping through again, thank God. We did have a lovely holiday though.

I would suggest that October is not the best time to go to the Caribbean. If you're set to go, then try & go outside of the rainy season.

Personally, we would leave it another few years before we go across the Atalantic again (I am now pg with DC2, so that has confirmed our decision grin)

vinblanc Wed 26-Aug-09 18:55:40

We have been to Jamaica with little ones (age 12 weeks and up), and it was fab. I would go again if we could afford it.

OrangeFish Wed 26-Aug-09 19:00:15

I normally go with the flow, leave DS to sleep as and when he feels to during the trip, but once in destination I wake him up at 8 am (local time) no matter what time it is at home. If he is too tired I let him have more short naps during the day but only in the first day.

The way back is even easier, try to keep him up progresively late before the return trip. Then they sleep overnight and wake up on arrival in the correct time.

tvfriend Sat 29-Aug-09 19:21:40

Thanks for the replies!

We have booked it now so too late to back out!
Rindercella-I know it's not the best time to go but it's costing us next to nothing (airmiles and great discount on hotel) and once we get there we have a nanny as part of the package so even if it rains all day every day (which hopefully it won't) I will still not have to look after DC's 24/7 and that can only be good grin. (Am also hoping there won't be a hurricane..).
We've been to the Caribbean in the rainy season before and wasn't too bad at all so here's hoping!
Managed to get premium economy on points too so that'll be a little bit better flight wise.

Rindercella Sat 29-Aug-09 21:48:31

Have a fab time then! smile

We flew premium when we went to Barbados with DD who was then 15 months & it was so worth it.

What hotel are you staying in? Curious for future reference (esp. the nanny bit!) grin

Drayford Fri 04-Sep-09 03:23:31

I travelled with DC's to the the caribbean several times when they were very young. Give them an early supper and put them to bed early is my best advice - get a babysitter if you & DP want to eat later!! DS (who was 2 the first time we took him to Tobago) fell asleep over his 5 pm supper regularly!

They do wake early following this regime, but the plus side is that you get a quiet breakfast at your hotel and an early swim!

Flights back were a bit tricky, but easier to deal with sleep problems at home IMHO.

IME people in the caribbean are much more understanding when it comes to small people -in the past we have taken our DC to fairly smart restuarants several times where the staff have entertained them for hours!

Sadly DC are much older now and expect 3 courses and wine!!!

Flying east from the UK with tiny ones is much more of a problem - I could probably write a book about that!

I hope you have a lovely time - Jamaica should be fine in October, but expect some heavy showers.

PS Just noticed that you have premium economy! Should be a breeze with the DC!

tvfriend Mon 07-Sep-09 22:45:11

Thanks Drayford. We are in fact 'flying east' (Malaysia) at New Year with the DCs so probably bext not to hear your horror stories but any tips gratefully received!

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