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Thailand with very young children.

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poshsinglemum Sat 22-Aug-09 11:55:12

DD is only one and I am not planning to take her to somewhere like Thailand until she's at least three or four. I need to save up so that we can have a proper good time and also I think the heat would be too much at such a young age.
Has anyone had experience taking very young children to Thailand and if so, where did you go and was it good? What time of year did you go?
I have been to Thailand and I really liked Koh Pang Nang as I found it more unspoled taht Koh Sumui. No full moon parties with a small child though! Bangkok is wonderful but I would worry about the hustle, bustle and heat. Not very child friendly.
Am I mad to consider this Thai adventure?

poshsinglemum Sat 22-Aug-09 11:55:38

unspoiled than

nappyaddict Sat 22-Aug-09 12:00:25

An old thread but may be helpful? king#52041

ilovepeppapig Sun 23-Aug-09 10:57:21

hi i took ds to thailand aged 18m and then again when he was 5 and dd 3.

we went to phuket (probably too developed for you) but we loved it.

best time to go is between oct and feb. no one was ill when we went and both dc coped with the heat fine. we went on an elephant trek, and took a private boat to an island for the day.

pay extra for an overnight flight. we had an overnight flight there which was fine (dc slept for a lot of it) but a day time flight back which was a nightmare -

missmelly Wed 26-Aug-09 11:01:05

We're taking our DD who will be 9 months old in October, and we're going for 6 weeks! (we're returning home to NZ permanently).
I've been wondering if we're completely nuts as well, although we have travelled a lot and both been to Thailand twice before.

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