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Easter 2010 - Caribbean with my 2 teenagers - any advice on where to go

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Drayford Fri 21-Aug-09 00:30:43

Help wanted please - I'm completely stumped on this one.

This may be the last holiday we take with DC (18 and 16) and we fancied about 10 days anywhere in the carribean starting in late March.

We are very well-seasoned travellers and have ruled out Tobago & Grenada as we've already been there when DC's were toddlers. Don't need flights as prefer to organise them myself.

Any ideas gratefully welcomed for somewhere on the beach (cottages or suites) preferably not a monster all-inclusive style hotel. Diving and surfing for DC's would be an advantage and some interesting things for DH (who hates lying on the beach - vvv sad). I, on the other hand, would love a good beach and a bit of luxury!

Hope someone out there has some ideas for me!!

copycat Sun 23-Aug-09 15:29:46

Have you considered the Riviera Maya in Mexico? There are several Mayan ruin sites to visit like Chichen Itza, Coba etc and two eco parks XelHa and Xcaret. The DCs can take a trip to Playa del Carmen or Cancun for shopping or night life and the waterpark or you can all take a boat trip or ferry to the beautiful island of Cozumel for snorkelling etc.

Otherwise I can recommend Antigua (my preference over Barbados) or the Bahamas. The Turks and Caicos islands are reputed to be beautiful so maybe you could combine a holiday there with a few days in Miami or the Florida Keys first?

I expect that you have already checked out the usual Caribbean travel forums Debbies Caribbean Travel and of course Tripadvisor (you can select a particular island from the drop down "select forum" menu) or the very informative Caribbean On Line website and forums

Hope that helps.

Drayford Mon 24-Aug-09 09:14:15

Thanks for the advice Copycate - always useful to have another perspective!

We've decided on a beach house on Nevis - just need to sort out the flights!

wotzy Tue 25-Aug-09 18:07:09

BA flights to St kitts and ferry to Nevis. Some resorts in Nevis provide a ferry transfer for their guests.

Drayford Wed 26-Aug-09 22:54:47

As we're going for 12 nights the BA St Kitts doesn't work so I've booked flights to Antigua and just need to book LIAT to Nevis - if only I can get their website to work!!!!, But thx Wotzy

wotzy Thu 27-Aug-09 10:16:16

You could go in to St Kitts and out out via Antigua, or visa versa (open jaw). But never mind if you have booked it now. FWIW YOu can only do that with BA and BA interline with LIAT (all on one ticket). However it sounds like you have booked your long-haul separate. So if you are doing the Liat hop, keep a spare set of overnight clothes in your hand luggage on the way out, or a least a swimsuit and a pair of nickers. If the small LIAT plane is full sometimes your luggage will arrive on the next one! Oh and listen carefully to the announcements for the LIAT flight departures. Oh and reconfirm your inbound LIAT flight a few days before and make sure the times haven't changed. Allow at least 3 hours between flights. As you will have to go through baggage re-claim on the long haul and re-check in for the LIAT. Oh and LIAT allowance is less than 23kgs and they charge a lot if you are over. I think that's it. Have a great time. If you ever need more help email me at wispywotz [at] yahoo dot co dot uk

newpup Thu 27-Aug-09 11:05:54

We spent this Easter in Antigua and it was heaven! Just beautiful and so quiet the resort was half empty! Having trouble getting Americans to part with their dollars apparently!

Have a lovely time!

Drayford Thu 27-Aug-09 16:01:48

Thanks for the advice wotzy - I have suffered as a result of LIAT's erratic service and know well the pitfalls to expect!!!

I've found in the past that a having a nice rum punch before leaving for the airport tends to make things pass more smoothly! (well I it stops we worry about the cock-ups anyway wink)

wotzy Thu 27-Aug-09 20:13:41

lol - at least you know what you are in for. Have a lovely time in Nevis. I enjoyed St Kitts a few years ago, but not been to Nevis ....yet... maybe one day.

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