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Driving Directions Websites with maximum hours per day option

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JeMeSouviens Tue 11-Aug-09 15:09:06

Has anyone seen a driving directions website (a'la Google maps) that has the option to put in how many hours a day you want to drive, and then recommends stops at the nearest town?

We are doing a mammoth drive, but due to a 2yo in the car, want to keep it to 6hrs per day. I've had a look manually, and have some 8/9 hr days, and toward the end, 3/4hr days. That might work out ok, having a few long days up front, then by the time we're sick of being in the car, doing the shorter days at the end of the trip.

But I'd like to check it out with maximum of 6hrs per day as well to see where the overnight stops might be.


WebDude Mon 31-Aug-09 20:47:09

Although not a driver, I have had a long interest in geography and travel... Some time ago planned trips to places in Canada using Greyhound from within USA (but didn't actually get to do it, there were 'rover' tickets usable Mon-Thu at lower cost, and I thought I'd go from SFO to VC on Wed/Thu and return Mon/Tue as an example).

Anyway, long story short, I found that handles travel directions.

Unfortunately while it estimates the time, it doesn't show times on the list alongside the places it names.

Found that on MapQuest, from Montreal to Kitimat, they offered choices for faster time or shorter distance.

I know you are breaking journey and why, but wonder whether going through USA is possible or just not an option. While it would add some mileage, it could cut down travel time (even avoiding toll roads). OK, travel documents, etc, may be too much to deal with, this close to journey, and customs / security checks could be awful as you are carrying clothes etc etc for that lengthy journey.

When I checked the options, staying in Canada took 60.5 hours and averaged 51 MPH, but driving around 1300 miles of the 3300 miles in USA, averaged 60 MPH (across the whole distance). Clearly to average that would need to be at higher speed for some portions and may not be comfortable or possible (depending on car, load, fuel efficiency, etc).

When you asked about 'driving for X hours' it hit me that it all depends on how fast you are allowed (and want) to drive (and load on the vehicle too, of course), plus any detours for road maintenance.

I know you have your list of places, and it may seem a daft idea to go through the USA for a chunk of the trip, but equally, with more populated route you would have more options to stop if needed, either to just have a drink/meal, or to stay overnight if you felt you'd made enough progress.

Staying within Canada...

From Montreal to Thunder Bay is almost 1000 miles, and the stretch from Sault S Marie to Thunder Bay alone is 440 miles, so that would fill a day of driving (about 9.5h on MapQuest).

So, you might want to do a couple of days driving for 6+ hours, then the long day to get to Thunder Bay, and then you're about 1/3rd of the way overall, and can cut down to whatever is comfortable.

Here are some possibles from MapQuest

Montreal -> North Bay, Ontario
7h / 350 miles

North Bay -> Sault Sainte Marie
6h / 270 miles

S S Marie -> Thunder Bay, Ontario
9h 30 / 440 miles

WebDude Mon 31-Aug-09 20:52:37

Going via USA

01) Montreal

8h / 450 miles

02) London, Ontario

6h 30 / 350 miles
(allows time for entry into USA)

03) South Bend, Indiana

6h / 225 miles
(shortest route in Illinois, heavier on traffic I assume)

04) Madison, Wisconsin

8h / 500 miles

05) Fargo, North Dakota

9h / 515 miles

06) Regina, Saskatchewan

(You are about 2/3rds of the way to your destination.)

As a UK citizen, I remember needing an address at least for the first night - and with Homeland Security checks and this new travel document (ESA ?) you might need to have one address confirmed in advance, ie first night's accommodation...

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