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Has anyone driven across Canada?

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JeMeSouviens Mon 10-Aug-09 19:21:33

We are moving to the far northern reaches of British Colombia in September. We have to drive as we have a car and the company will not ship it. We will probably take 2 weeks, maximum 3 and will have a 2yo with us.

We are starting at Montreal and will probably pass through:

Thunder Bay
The Rockies, Lake Louise, Banff (hoping to stop here for 3 days)

I have to plan it out as we've found our DS can't cope with more than about 5hrs in the car a day, so will be doing lots of stops here and there.

Is there anything that you can recommend seeing on the way? Or somewhere we should stop for more than an overnight?

If you type in googlemaps directions from Montreal to Kitimat, you'll see the route we will be most likely taking.


WebDude Mon 31-Aug-09 10:47:15

Can only wish you good luck (seeing no other comments posted). I'm not a car driver but visited Canada in 1987, staying at B+Bs in Toronto and Montreal, and motels at Ottawa and Niagara Falls.

Remember seeing some guide (Rough Guide, perhaps) warning about keeping food separate from people if camping anywhere east of Thunder Bay, because of bears wandering about, and making sure you fill up with fuel (in your case at Sault Sainte Marie) as there is little but trees between there and Thunder Bay.

Of course, that might prompt someone from Marathon, ON, to post with details of some amenities in that area (!)

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