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best toys for 1yo and 3yo on long haul flight

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ac27 Mon 10-Aug-09 16:45:13

Yes, I am taking a 1yo and a 3yo to Sydney. 24 hours on a plane with a stop in Singapore. I know it's an insane thing to be doing - that's a whole other story. Beginning, Once Upon A Time, there were some in-laws....

Anyway, any advice on what toys and distractions to take on board would be much appreciated. Particularly for 1yo DD - 3yo DS easier to keep busy.

NoGoodNicknamesLeft Mon 10-Aug-09 17:03:28

ouch. will you be alone with them?

- crayons & colouring books & stickers
- finger puppets and some prepared stories you can do the actions to - get 3yo to make up and tell a similar story to the 1yo
- an ipod with some of the older one's fave stories read by his loved ones (see if s/he can guess who's voice it is when each starts)
- optical illusion toys for the babby, if you can find any
- brush up on your nursery rhymes and songs and sing 'em quietly. Make up actions.
- and plenty of walks up and down the cabin (they usually allow/encourage this on long haul flights to prevent DVT).
- and my best friend, TV... any way you can get/borrow a portable DVD player with their fave progs on it?

Role play being on a plane a couple of times before you go (the baby won't care, but your 3yo should be able to appreciate it). emphasise how quiet they'll have to be (lots of sleeping but grumpy teddies in the seats behind?) and how there'll be no running around, but lots of whispering fun.

ac27 Mon 10-Aug-09 17:52:19

Thankfully not alone - DH is with me. Frankly, it's be a bit rich if he wasn't, seeing as it's HIS parents we're flying round the world to see.

Great tips - thanks so much!

Am taking laptop with loads of Mr Tumble/Thomas/Elmo DVDS, which will hopefully take care of the 3yo. 1yo is trickier....

dinkystinky Mon 10-Aug-09 17:56:27

aquadraws are great. Also sticker books - let them stick them wherever - will keep both kids entertained for a bit. With DS1 when he was under 2 we used to do wrapped up toys to give him every so often - worked a treat as he played with the wrapping, unwrapped, then played with the toy and on to the next one. Buy a magazine for the 3 year old at the airport - will keep them happy. And I agree that dvds are great for distracting them (probably both of them!) when all else fails.

Oh yes, also take snacks a-plenty (as kids meals can be rubbish) and make sure you ask for kids pack for your 3 year old if the airline does them when you get on. And sippy cups - so they can drink water or juice on take off and landing from them - the sucking will stop their ears hurting them.

FaintlyMacabre Mon 10-Aug-09 18:00:58

Stickers for 3 year old
More Stickers for 1 year old.

My 18 monther spent a large part of a recent long haul flight putting the headphone plug in and out of its socket. Yours will hopefully be as easily pleased!

Good luck!

percypig Mon 10-Aug-09 18:01:42

Our boys love stacking cups and little people, can build towers, make houses, restack etc and they don't take up much room...also fun in the pool if you have one in Aus. Little cars, few bits of Duplo and some mini dinosaurs or animals are also popular.

My MIL ALWAYS gets them some kind of new toy or book for holiday, but they are often too big to be any use - I think new is good for a long flight though. Could you get them 2/3 small new things each and introduce them at intervals on the flight, even wrap them up to give the 1 yr old something else to play with!

percypig Mon 10-Aug-09 18:02:48

Whoops dinkystinky, didn't realise you'd already suggested wrapping new toys!

ac27 Wed 12-Aug-09 22:33:02

This is all really helpful, thanks so much. Have already been out and bought the new toys, although suspect 1YO DD will only be satisfied if marching up and down plane waking people up and grabbing their stuff.

Right now, would swap my marriage for a business class upgrade.

LadyBee Sun 16-Aug-09 22:01:23

We're taking our DS to NZ in October when he'll be 18 mo so am pleased to see these tips. I'd not thought of stickers, I don't know what he thinks of them might try them out.
One thing I am going to get is a mini scribbler as he loves paper & pens and 'writing' at the moment and I think this could last a while.
Love the story about putting the headphone plug in and out of the socket though...ours does this with our iPods so I'm crossing fingers the fascination is still there on the flight.

I'm dreading it. DS is such a wriggler/shouter/runner. Going solo with a 7 mo is going to seem like a walk in the park compared to this.

thighsmadeofcheddar Tue 18-Aug-09 17:06:28

May I also suggest a handy supply of chocolate buttons or smarties. I find them the best way to keep them in the seat for some of the long taxi-ing bits.

Singapore airport also has good play parks, hotel pool, cheap in airport hotel which you can rent in 6 hour blocks.

And if you are flying with Singers, they are fabulous with kids. I've done it 3 times with my dd on my own and each time they've been exceptional.

elvislives Tue 18-Aug-09 18:02:51

We flew to NZ when DD was 11 mo. We took a net (buggy) bag full of new toys. Nothing with too many pieces and nothing that made (too much) noise. She had a train that is meant to attach to a buggy; a stacking set of cow, pig, sheep and tractor; a cheap toy mobile phone; some of those brightly coloured toys with different textures and shapes. Just brought a couple out every hour or so.

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