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ooh, I'm going to Barbados, ooh, to the sunny Caribbean sea!

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mckenzie Fri 31-Jul-09 15:39:11

Should I take US$ or Barbadian $ please?

Any tips from anyone who has been there gratefully received. We're staying at Almond Beach Village which I have just been reading on here is perhaps not the best we could have chosen but hey, too late now!

Will it be dressy in the evening? Is it worth my while taking nice frocks and my high heels? (We went to Lykia World the last two years and it was much too hot in the evening to ever think about putting my glad rags on! It was always just cotton sundress and flip flops!)


wotzy Thu 27-Aug-09 20:21:37

Do you know what mckenzie, I would send a letter to who ever you booked with and also copy in the Almond Resorts. It's not compensation material (and I doubt that is what you're intentions are, but the resort do appreciate feedback. Sometimes the TourOps and agents don't pass it on. if you google Almond Resorts Marketing Ltd you'll get a Crawley address. Just send them your travel dates and a little letter and say you would like to bring these matters to their attention, it was a little disappointing and it;s a shame that you wouldn't personally recommend them given your own experiences during your trip. Oh and praise the nice staff, they are always overlooked.

I do think that the kids clubs can vary depending on staff, a bit like your experience with the watersports.

wotzy Thu 27-Aug-09 20:23:24

oh and I did read the review. You don't sound too Victor Meldrewis at all.


mckenzie Thu 27-Aug-09 20:45:32

thanks Wotzy, we are going to do a letter once we're up to speed with laundry, sleeping, getting ready for the new term etc. We also had a problem with Virgin re the Check in and Chill out on our last day (that's another negative story so I wont repeat it all) and we need to claim back the cost of the taxi to the airport so I'll have to do a letter to them too sad

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