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Tell me about Sharm el Shiek - flight time, food & drink ,restaurants, hotels, things to do etc...

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bottletopbill Sun 19-Jul-09 14:50:56

Thinking of goign here in May - my, hub and ds 5 yrs.

Need to know how long is flying time, where to stay - are there such places as family friendly hotels, can we go AI or is it all HB? Where to go with a 5 yr old during evening /day...are there any aqua parks.

Also food served and do you think 7 nights would be enough

mosschops30 Sun 19-Jul-09 14:56:47

May is unbearably hot, my auntie went this year, early may and it was 40 degrees most days!!
Flying timne, depends where youre flying from, from the south about 4.5-5 hours
First Choice have a very nice holiday village there.
Thats my knowledge Im afraid as I havent actually been, not my idea of an ideal holiday destination smile

FranSanDisco Sun 19-Jul-09 15:42:00

We went there last Christmas/New Year when it's much cooler. Our hotel offered only AI but I would never go to that hotel or do AI again as we tended to eat out alot. There is a hotel with a water park within its grounds but can't remember the name. My 8 yo and 6 yo really enjoyed snorkelling in Shark's Bay and the Quad Bike Safari though for a real thrill just take a local taxi into town hmm. Personally I think it is over hyped as a destination but then that could be down to the hotel I stayed in blush and I have many friends who think its the dogs b's (which is why we tried it).

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