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Anybody else petrified of flying since they've become a Mummy?

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posiedullardparker Sun 12-Jul-09 08:47:54

I'm off on my annual trip to my parents, in China. I am very very scared of flying and wondered if anyone knew that Paul Mckenna tapping technique or anything to stop me being petrified that the plane will fall out of the sky?

ElfOnTheTopShelf Sun 12-Jul-09 08:51:28

My MIL is scared of flying, her doctor gives her tablets to take before the flights, and she is then okay on long haul flights to Australia etc. You could try your doc?

I hate flying anyway, let alone since I became a mum! I think UK holidays are the way to go for me for a bit grin

LaDiDaDi Sun 12-Jul-09 08:51:36

It's interesting that you ask this as whilst I'm not bothered about it dp has become massively more afraid to the extent that we haven't been abroad as a family this year.

He has tried diazepam and some self-help stuff without success.

posiedullardparker Sun 12-Jul-09 08:52:39

I'm taking my four dcs 8mths-seven years (on my own!)....I'm not sure I can take sleeping tablets, although it may be worth a try!!!wink

posiedullardparker Sun 12-Jul-09 08:53:05

Or anti ds.....

ElfOnTheTopShelf Sun 12-Jul-09 08:55:09

No, she doesn't take sleeping tablets. It's just a relaxant.

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