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Can you recommend a hotel in Egypt?

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InTheZenGarden Fri 10-Jul-09 08:33:44

Not sure if Egypt counts as longhaul or shorthaul, so I'll post this in both!

We plan to go in November, DD will be 19 months. Ideally we would like interconnecting rooms/a separate part to our room, so we don't have the cot in with us.

Somewhere child friendly, childrens pools etc, but don't need kids clubs as she is too young for that!

She loves the beach, so a good beach is a must.

We've only ever been to Egypt pre-DD for diving, so this is a totally new experience for us, we now have completely different requirements! Whilst we won't be diving this time, it would be good to do a bit of snorkelling, albeit one at a time, while the other looks after DD

Ideally would like to fly from East Midlands, so I think that limits us to Sharm, tho we would drive to Birmingham or Manchester if we had to

TIA for any help

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