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Entertaining 3 year old twins on a long haul flight

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delphinedownunder Fri 10-Jul-09 05:01:37

I am planning to fly back to the UK from NZ to visit my sick Dad for two weeks in August and I am bringing my twins with me, who will have just turned 3. Any tips for entertaining them for 2 back-to-back 12 hour flights? Am I mad?

Sibble Fri 10-Jul-09 05:26:09

In my experience you can prepare all you like but the best thing is the mantra 'It's only 12 hours' followed by another 'it's only 12 hours of my whole life' !!!!!!!!!!

Rescue remedy (for yourself)
As long as they are not doing the unmentionables - in my book lobbing things over seats, kicking seats or throwing up over innocent bye-standers (have seen all these and more) you are OK grin.

Apart from that from experience (I take my 2 each year on my own):
take copious amounts of food they like in the event they don't like the airline food, the airline doesn't have their kiddy meal order
if your children don't do well with sugar laden things vet the airline food - some fill the tray with nuggets, chips, lollies, chocolate and sugar laden drinks etc.....
take your own drinks especially for take off and landing helps stop ears hurting
any toys, colouring things, books you don't mind losing
if they want to watch wall to wall movies or play games I find it's easier to let them than have the tantrums
don't strap them in until its' about to tax up the runway otherwise they are over it and wanting to get out when you're about to take off
I rarely get on now at the first call for infants they get bored waiting for the plane to board, it adds another 30 mins at least in a confined space

when they bring the free wine say yes grin

It sounds as though you're going straight through but a 16-24 hour stop works well for us. We get off shower, find a park and stretch our legs, eat non-airline food, sleep and re-board feeling human enough to do the next 12 hours

Sibble Fri 10-Jul-09 05:28:04

oh forgot to say - good luck!

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 10-Jul-09 06:12:54

I let my 2.5 yr old choose a small children's suitcase - in her case The Wiggles - and before the flight we filled it with some pens, play doh, colouring books, sticker books, pipe cleaners, small wrapped toys (which were a surprise), favourite stories, change of clothes, pjs etc etc. Then during the flights (from Oz so not quite as far as you) she was pretty fanstastic, played with the toys/books/games etc watched tv. We only had one major meltdown leaving KL at 3am.

I also packed loads of snacks/drinks. And I dosed myself up on Temazapam - which I must say was utterly brilliant.

It is fairly grim but definitely doable. I've only done it like you in 2 back to back flights but would probably do what Sibble does next time ie a stopover in KL or Singapore.

One thing I found totally helpful was alerting the airline that I was traveling alone with my 2 kids - they were fantastic (Air Malaysia) and really looked after us. At KL someone carried my bags through the airport and took us to a comfy lounge and got us settled, and then came to take us back again when it was time to board the flight to London. I cannot emphasise how helpful they were.

blahdiblahblah Fri 10-Jul-09 06:42:51

activity books are good too - sticker books etc etc.
You can also give them some anti-histamine if they get hyper and wont sleep! (my GP suggested this - not harmful to them at all!)
The little gifts wrapped are a great bribe distraction.
good luck!

369thegoosedrankwine Fri 10-Jul-09 07:46:19

I took my DS (2.5) on a 10 hour flight to USA - and we're going back again in 2 weeks. The most difficult part was the waiting around at the airport. The flight itself wasn't too bad.

I packed the following in his case:

sticker books;
blanket for sleep time;
acqua draw minis - no mess and they can keep doing it again and again.
A few new toy cars.
A few favourtie books.

He did play with all of the toys, but he also loved playing with the seatbelt and the window shutter for ages. He also watched the film and some of the children's tv shows.

oh and I also second the wine - for you of course. grin

delphinedownunder Fri 10-Jul-09 22:30:12

Thanks for this. i can feel myself breaking out into a sweat at the thought of it.

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 10-Jul-09 23:18:45

Honestly it's ok delphine, really. It's only a day and the children are a good age to go now, it will be a big adventure for them - are they boys or girls btw?

Be prepared for lots of walking around the plane, but think of it as being good for avoiding thrombosis wink

I would love to go back to the UK but can't face the trip with my youngest dd (22 months) who isn't interested in sitting still ever!

delphinedownunder Sun 12-Jul-09 03:51:52

Well Claudia, I have a girl and a boy. But the good news is that my dh is coming too now that his boss has given him some time off and we are making a bit more of a trip of it.

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