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Jamacia Beaches with 10 month old 4yo & 9yo including a wedding

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AngelWishesButterflyKisses Mon 06-Jul-09 22:55:01

This is my 1st post on MN. I was just after some advice on taking my 10 month old (she will be 10 months when we go)4 year old and 9 year old to the beaches resort in Jamacia. in Feb next year.

We are planning on having our wedding there with just myself, my partner and the DC's Has anyone been there can they tell me what it's like?

I took my 4 year old who was 10 months at the time to Domincan Republic and the flight was a nightmare, we had upgraded to 1st class for the extra room was told that there were no sky cots for her and we were put in the 2nd row with the most horrible family in front of us who gave no concideration to the fact we had a 10 month old with us. We took turns to eat our meal and when it was my friends turn to have his the person in frount recliened their seat so far back his dinner ended up in his lap! I really want to prevent this again, the Travel agent told us today that they don't do sky cots or equlivalnt now is this true? She told us to take the car seat (maxi Cosi) and have her in the isle! I really don't want to do this. Is it worth upgrading our flights with the DC's?

Can any one advise about things like nappies and the drinking water in Jamacia? if i am in the wrong place can you please direct me to the right place.
Thanks in advance.

cat64 Mon 06-Jul-09 23:16:36

Message withdrawn

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