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travelling and organising?

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GirlWithTheMouseyHair Mon 29-Jun-09 09:57:58

I trekked round morocco during the obligatory gap year turning up wherever and sleeping on rooves...didn't get to do the desert bit though and want dearly to take DH and DS (8months) in the Autumn, where do you start to organise holidays like this? I'm so not a resort person at all but imagine I need to be a bit more organised with a baby in tow...

This is a general thread I think for intrepdi travel, how to combine your previous gun-ho attitude to travelling (we worked in Malawi a few years ago and did a 36 journey to Victoria Falls via hitchhiking, minibuses, coaches and horse and carts as transport just presented itself, think this might not be the best way of travelling with an under 1yr old) whilst being a responsible parent, being able to act on a whim while being organised enough to make sure you do all have somewhere to sleep?!

missmelly Thu 02-Jul-09 12:30:05

do you want to plan it yourself? otherwise there are some very good travel agents out there that could help you put together an itinerary.
Im sort of in the same boat as you, I'll be taking my then 9month old to Thailand for 6 weeks and as yet havent made any plans for when we arrive or what we'll do there as I'm so used to 'winging it' when I travel.

Im not sure where in Morocco you start the desert tours, but why dont you find accomodation for a few nights and organise the tour out to the desert when you get there?

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