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taking a 3 month old to hong kong - any tips or advice greatly appreciated!!

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puddingcat Thu 25-Jun-09 14:19:25

i am going to ba taking my three month old daughter to hong kong to visit family. Any advice or tips on dealing with heat, humidity, transport (i'm assuming we'll just use the metro...), restaurant or days out recommendations would be very greatly appreciated

ninedragons Fri 26-Jun-09 05:38:54

What time of year will you be going?

Late autumn is perfect in Hong Kong - not too hot, not too humid. Early autumn you will catch the tail end of the typhoon season. Winter is surprisingly cold.

The MTR at rush hour is absolutely heaving and would be more of an assault on a small baby's immune system than I'd wish, so if I were you I'd confine my travel to outside peak hours.

Hong Kong is full of excellent restaurants, many of which are fairly well-kept secrets. Your hosts will take you to these as a matter of pride. Eating is the core of Cantonese hospitality.

Where are you staying, do you know?

puddingcat Fri 26-Jun-09 18:58:01

hi nine dragons

we have to go before the end of sept really, ideallly we'd go in july but i am beginning to think that would be a mistake due to the heat.
we're staying in tin hau with my brother who hasn't got kids so although he'll know restaurants he won't know baby friendly ones - is it acceptable to take a baby out in the evening, or should we only tackle certain restaurants?
good point re rush hour


ninedragons Sat 27-Jun-09 02:25:49

July is pretty diabolical for heat and humidity, but in September you do run the smallish but real risk that a typhoon will shut down the city completely for two to three days. This could include the airport if it's a Signal 10, so make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that would pay for a hotel if your flight to HK got diverted to Manila or Taipei and you had to stay there for three days.

I didn't mind the July heat too much, but I am Australian to start with and lived in HK for years, so maybe I am just used to it. If you are a delicate little English flower who wilts as soon as it hits 15'C you won't like it at all. Every building, car and MTR carriage is air-conditioned, so unless you're walking around outside a lot (which you probably won't be with a little baby), it's perfectly possible to spend a fortnight there in July wishing you'd brought a cardi because the air con is so cold.

Unless you are mad keen hikers (HK has stunning mountains and thousands of miles of walking trails), there's no real reason not to go in July.

Tin Hau is really convenient for everything. Taxis are very cheap so if you have a car seat that can clip in and out of a car (in this case a Toyota Crown, if you need to ring the manufacturer), it's worth taking with you.

All restaurants in HK are baby-friendly. It's very much part of the culture to integrate even the smallest children into socialisation. Only bars, nightclubs and the very poshest of Michelin-starred restaurants are adults-only.

ninedragons Sat 27-Jun-09 02:33:40

One more thing: You are almost certain to be taken by junk to Sai Kung or Lamma for seafood. Go on the junk trip (loads of fun but remember you get drunk in the heat on MUCH less booze than normal), but don't eat fish if you are breastfeeding or could become pregnant. Hong Kong is, as you know, one of the busiest ports in the world and therefore very polluted. The locally-caught seafood has higher levels of toxins than you should consume if you are lactating or pregnant. This includes crab and sea urchin, which are often in dim sum too.

puddingcat Sat 27-Jun-09 11:48:40

thanks ninedragons much appreciated - i think we'll aim for july

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