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Car seat/annoying husband qusetion!!!!

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chilledmama Thu 18-Jun-09 21:39:48

We are moving to Washington DC for 2 years in August. We have 2 DC, DS 2y10m and DD 6mon when we travel.
My plan was originally that we would take DD car seat with us as hold luggage but leave DSs behind as it is quite obviously not a US one and 2 will work perfectlt for DD when we come back. This plan sounded good (to me) as we were going to have a hire car from Dulles therefore could have a hire car seat put in for DS...DH however, has now informed me that he doesn't want a hire car from the airport as it will be a real nuisance for us initially as we will be a hotel, in the centre of DC, for the first few nights. His reasoning makes perfect sense except...its an hour journey from Dulles into DC centre and there will be no carseat for DS in taxi!!!!! I would be willing to risk a five minute journey but an hour on the beltway!!! Can anyone offer any advice/ideas??

thisisyesterday Fri 19-Jun-09 19:26:36

can you notbook transport in advance and try and get a car seat provided?

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